BB15 Updates "HOH Chat" 10:30-11:00 AM BBT Saturday 8-31-13

BB15 Updates "HOH Chat" 10:30-11:00 AM BBT Saturday 8-31-13  

HOH Room: GM is running down all her injuries in her house. They talk about how they slept last night. GM says that she used all the bandaid’s in the house. They say that Elissa was snoring last night. They talk about if they just aren’t doing Pandora’s box this season.

Kitchen: Spencer is in the kitchen getting ice for his water.

HOH Room: GM is smelling what Judd is washing his legs with. Judd says that he wants to meet JoJo. Andy wonders how many followers someone who was in the house for a few weeks have. GM says don’t let Amanda or McCrae get you through a guilt trip last week. Andy says that he feels bad for McCrae when he leaves the house that he will regret how he wasted his chance at the game with Amanda. Judd says that he has wanted to be on the show since he was 13. Andy says he has been a fan since season


3. GM says that she would have played against Nick if she would have stayed in the house (B.S.)

Kitchen: Spencer is standing there looking at the memory wall.

HOH Room: GM makes a case as to why throwing an HOH is stupid. Andy says that he would be happy to get to the end with Andy and Spencer. GM says that Amanda is accusing her of doing Elissa’s dirty work. Andy says that he wants to talk about the Exterminators alliance in the good bye message. Andy says that he thinks of Amanda as a mastermind who is being masterminded by the exterminators.

Graphics Room: Spencer gets into bed. Elissa has been in DR for over and hour. Judd heads downstairs to try and figure out if they are still building. He says that they are still building.

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