Big Brother 15 Updates, Let's Make a Deal... 11:00-midnight BBT Thursday 8-22-13

Big Brother 15 Updates, Let's Make a Deal... 11:00-midnight BBT Thursday 8-22-13

Graphics: The McManda's are once again horizontal... Spencer laying in his bed talking about his shoutouts in his speech to stay... Judd talking about how well his bag is packed. (Room his trashed, one bed is broken on the bottom left side, clothes and bags all over the floor. Dirty plate still in the pile of dirty clothes.... disgusting)

Bathroom: Andy in Judd's ear. Judd says I just want to start fresh. Andy says you're a good player and I'm on your side. Andy says why did you tell GM to put me up as a replacement. Judd says no, she told me she was considering me and you, she must be confused. Andy starts, arms waving in the air, about how Helen did this and Helen did that... and says i'm loyal to the end and always was. Judd swears to Andy that he has never been MVP... unless I blacked out and lost my mind. Andy says I totally believe that... I think America might have been (then why didn't you listen you rat?)

Storage room: McCrae showing Judd the head cheese and makes him smell it after reading the ingredients. They leave the storage room. McCrae goes back to his queen. He tells Amanda that she can't look so sad. She says I'm hungry and freezing and can't get warm. Amanda says she wants Aaryn to go home... we're her second choice. McCrae says we have to tell her that Aaryn is coming after her and we're not. I don't get why she doesn't realize that. He says if she puts Aaryn up, GM will be coming after her. Amanda says don't say that to her! If she hates both of them so much why not put them up together? If she doesn't GM will take Aaryn off the block...

Kitchen: Elissa, Andy, GM, Judd, Aaryn and Spencer rehashing the competition. Aaryn is keeping a close watch on GM birthday cake. Spencer gets a dish of pasta after apologizing to GM. Andy asks Elissa to talk. They go to the lounge.

Lounge: Andy says first I want to say congrats and see where your head is at. Elissa says oh thank you. He says what are you thinking? Elissa says obviously, Aaryn. Andy says no duh. She says I just want to make sure I have you... I'm not putting GM up. Andy says why wouldn't you put GM up? Elissa says because I want to make sure whoever is next to her doesn't take her off. Andy says what if GM wins veto and take her off? Elissa says she hasn't won in six comps. Andy says if she did, who would be your target. Elissa says I don't know, I have to think about it. Someone has to be up there that has fire and win the fricking veto. She says one of you guys have to win veto. Andy says are you putting me up? Elissa says no. Andy says whew...

Elissa says you have to promise if you get HOH not to put me up. Andy says no, there are couples that have to be broken up. Elissa says now with Judd here, Aaryn has two people (oh no... Elissa!!) and that is like really dangerous. Andy agrees. Andy says I have no idea what the F* he is thinking. Andy says it scares me that GM is not going up... Elissa says I'm not putting her up! I will make sure she swears to me not to use the veto. Andy says who are you putting up, Spencer, Amanda or McCrae? Maybe Judd? She says not putting Judd up. Andy says you and I would work well together, I can get in people's heads. Andy says I want to make sure you don't think I'm a traitor or anything, I even pulled people aside today to make sure we were doing the right think (his neck and head get red when he lies...) He says I tried to flip GM but she was like no no no Aaryn wouldn't let her. Elissa says yeah. Andy says if you put up Aaryn and Amanda or McCrae, GM win veto and takes off Aaryn off, who would you put up. Elissa says I don't know, anyone in this house. She says if anyone uses the veto and doesn't keep it the same they're going home next week (gosh I hope this is an act..) Andy says it just scares me that GM might take Aaryn off. Elissa says oh well, one of you better win veto or go up... (good girl!) Andy says I'll fight for it, 100 percent. Elissa says if I see someone not fight for it, I'll put them up. Andy says thats a f*ing big move that Helen would respect. Elissa says don't say anything. Andy says I won't. Elissa says I know you tell Amanda and mcCrae everything. Andy says I won't, my lips are sealed. He congratulates her again. Elissa says can we make a two-week deal. Andy says done and shakes her hand.

Next up, McCrae. Elissa says obviously, you know who I want to go home. He says of course. She says I'm thinking of putting you up next to her so you will fight for veto. McCrae says I heard you were putting GM up. He says I will go home if I go up. Elissa says you have to fight for it, you have to make everyone fight for it. McCrae says if GM wins veto, and takes her off. No matter what, if I don't go up we have the votes, if I'm up we only have two votes. Elissa says you have to go up to play for veto. You are the only one I trust. I don't trust that she won't go home...

McCrae says I'll put up my life, my cigarettes anything you want that if I don't go up, you will have the votes to send her home. He says there is no way, no way, we're gonna be screwed if we don't have that one vote. They will turn on me and I'll go home, then there will be votes to go after you and Andy... I think we would be shooting ourselves in the foot if GM doesn't go up. He says you said in the storage room those two had to go up together, what changed? She says I don't want you guys to save her. McCrae says if I go up I go home. Judd was coming after you before he left, he will come after you again, you'll have us for sure. I told you I wanted to get her out she will beat all of us. If I play for veto, I will play my hardest, I need it for my f*ing resume... Elissa says you don't understand how bad I want her out, I will do whatever I fricking need to do to get her out. McCrae says you will be shooting yourself in the foot. He says the best way to ensure she goes is to put GM up with her, then everyone will be fighting for the veto cause they don't want to go up on the block (don't listen Elissa). You can't sacrifice out three votes... you need three to get her out. Elissa says if you don't play your hardest, I'll put you up. McCrae says I will shave my head... Elissa says Amanda will convince everyone to keep you. He says no, they will keep Aaryn so she will go after you.

Elissa says I didn't know that Amanda told her to put me and Helen up. McCrae says yeah because Helen was coming after her. They put you two up, Amanda pepped you up to win the veto. Then we were like we have to get rid of Helen, because Helen was too good. We were still like protecting you. He says you telling me I'm going up is scaring me. He says if you put us up they will turn on us. I think that everyone that is not those two will play for veto and keep them the same, and if she wins, Spencer goes up. McCrae says I've never been on the block and if I go up, everyone will take that shot. If you lose me, that will one less ally. Elissa says I could put you up against GM. (the look on his face is PRICELESS!!) Elissa talks about Aaryn telling her that Amanda said Spencer would never vote her out. McCrae says they never even talk. Enter Amanda. She gives throws out the same thing Andy and McCrae have already said. They both swear on their lives that they will vote her out and work with her in getting her out. Amanda sys we have to keep our numbers for next week. Amanda says I even told DR Aaryn was my next target (liar). The tag team her to ensure that neither she nor McCrae goes up. THey reassure Elissa they are protecting her next week... McCrae offers up a final four and "hopes" to bring Andy in for it... (I hope she's not buying this load of crap) Elissa says she put Helen and I up and blamed it all on you. Amanda says on me? Back to GM and Aaryn have to go up together... She says I'm not putting up Judd or GM. McCrae back to promising his cigarettes as proof of his loyality (gag)

Meeting over, McCrae goes to Spencer and tells him to play dumb, she is not putting him up at all. Spencer leaves Amanda says she told Elissa she was working with us and is changing her story or whatever. Aaryn walks in. Amanda says whatever you hear, I'm promising her that I will vote you out so she doesn't put me or McCrea up against you and GM will go up next to you. Aaryn says I trust you. Amanda says if you are up and Aaryn came down would she put me up. McCrae says she might. He says I told her Aaryn wanted her out and Elissa was her target and that was the only reason we wanted helen to go up. I don't know if she is BSing me or not... Amanda says we have to stay with her all night, be on top of her all night long. McCrae agrees.

HN: Elissa now talking to Spencer, tells him that she is thinking of putting Aaryn up with McCrae. Of course, Spencer gives her the same song and dance... no, it has to be GM or GM will win veto and take her off. She tells him that she's the only one with her own mind and then tells him he is safe. She says that he has to win veto and leave her nominations the same. She makes a two-week deal that he won't put her up, vote against her and not try to get her put on the block. He agrees and shakes hands with her. He says I will absolutely honor it. She says if I see anyone not fighting for veto, I will put them up! She says if GM wins that veto, that means five other people were not fighting hard for that veto and they can go up. Spencer promises if he wins he will not use it and that he will play his hardest. He says Aaryn and I don't talk much...

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