Big Brother 15 Updates “They Are Alive” 1:00 PM BBT, Sunday, 8-11-13

Big Brother 15 Updates “They Are Alive” 1:00 PM BBT, Sunday, 8-11-13

Outside: Aaryn is on the elliptical.

Kitchen: Helen and Andy are talking about being Have-nots. They talk about the fact having 4 people have-nots are ridiculous. Andy can’t wait to see it be only one person and he’ll just make Elissa a Have-not. They look at the memory wall and talk about each evictee. They talk about loyalty keeping them safe. They talk about the Nick and Judd blindside being so crucial. Helen feels bad for Howard. They talk about Jeremy going out classier than when he came in. Helen is cooking mung beans. They head outside.

Outside: Aaryn is still working out. Jessie is doing laundry.  Andy and Helen are sitting out.

Inside: Amanda wakes up and heads to the kitchen. Andy walks in to get some towels. They talk about the memory wall again and being blindsided. Amanda says if she got completely blindsided I would just be pissed. She gets stuff out to make breakfast. She is going to make pancakes. Andy says Kaitlin use to filling up her huge glass of chocolate milk and then leave it outside when that is all the have-nots could drink. Spencer comes in looking for his sunglasses. He talks about Kaitlin being afraid of forks and secretly drinking a glass of chocolate milk he justifies his sneakiness. Elissa wakes up and they talk about their morning music. They talk about Andy wanting them to play Christmas shoes. They talk about downloading music. They talk about fod and missing candy bars. Elissa talks about how hard it is to sleep in the have-not room. They talk about McCrae being crabby. They talk about what they would be doing if they were outside of the house.

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