Big Brother 15 Updates "Amanda Hears She is Going Up" 2:30 PM BBT, Sunday, 7-07-13

When we come back the photo booth is open for an hour, and Nick is talking to GM about him maybe going up because he and Elissa had a deal and he didn't honor it.  She says she will campaign like everything for him if he goes up. He is not very comcerned.

Porch: Helen is asked by Amanda if Elissa is putting her up and Helen says no way.  She says that Elissa is planning to put Nick up on the block and she controls Elissa to the point that she can make sure that the nominee is one of us.  She says that Spencer is shady.  She points out that if Nick is Dan Gheesling's cousin, he is going to get MVP and we will never get him on the block.  She says that Elissa's sister said that there might be relatives of other people in the house and they are both from the midwest and last night he waited for Elissa to come out of the diary room at three in the morning to beg her not to put him up.  He also went into the diary room without asking and stayed in there for a long time.

Helen is adament about Elissa not even thinking about Amanda.  McCrea thinks that she might, but both Helen and Amanda are sure she will not.  They leak to Helen that it was Jeremy who told her and he got it from Elissa. When Helen walks off, McCrea warns Amanda not to talk to anyone about it.  He is adament about that and says it over and over that she is not to whisper to anyone.  It looks too shady.  He tries to caution Amanda that they might see Elissa going and it would be for the best. (He is one of the MC and they won't be voting out Nick.) He tries to tell her that they don't have the votes because even one of them not voting will send Elissa home.  She doesn't see it, but remember she doesn't know about the MC.)

Helen now talks to Andy about the possible Dan Gheesling connection and she points out that Spencer might be the mole in their group, and that McCrea, Amanda are with them.  She tells him that Spencer is shady and if the votes don't go down right, they will know that it is him that is the mole.  She also thinks that Nick, Spencer and Jeremy have an alliance together and tells Andy.  They start counting votes and with McCrea and Amanda with them they have it in the bag.  

{sidebar id=8} Andy heads in to talk to Amanda and McCrea and McCrea is trying to convince Amanda that the way to go is to vote out Elissa and let the third nomination go.  Amanda thinks that it is not the time to do that, but McCrea is really convincing.  He says that the seven are already broken.  Andy gets there and joins in the conversation and he is really convinced that they should be solid and keep Elissa, but McCrea says that he is worried that they don't have the votes.  Amanda says that she trusts him and whatever they decide she will go with it.  She says that she knows that today it is her, tomorrow it will be someone else.  Andy says that he is frustrated.  Some people are not holding up their end of the deal and from the first minute they came up with this he was solid and now people are not holding up their end of the deal.  McCrea says that he is worried that they don't have the votes.

Elissa is out of the diary room after almost an hour in there.  Andy wants to take a photo with Elissa in the photo booth. While he waits for Elissa Andy heads back to them and says that Jessie got pulled into the storage room and told him that Elissa told her that she wouldn't put her up if she would vote to keep her here. Andy says that he is nervous about Spencer, but the plan is so good why do people want to change it and all we can do now is to put our faith in each other.  Amanda says that there is one wild card.  Amanda says that she is not going to talk now.  Andy says that he is not going to people, but they are all coming to him except for him going to them. He heads out for pictures.