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Thursday April 27, 2017

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"Steves Last Night..."

11:00PM- Well people, it all comes down to this...the girls just went to bed, and Steve is out scampering early...and back and forth he goes, from the bathroom, to the hall back to the bathroom, decies to take a shower i think.  No wonder he is up so late every night, he is wide awake. he is looking for something i think to clean the shower.. has a brush in his hand, thought it was a shower cleaner brush but it might be his back scrub brush. not sure...into the shower he goes, the camera guy shows a a pic CoCo in the dark, and Vanessa with her nappy crappy red hat on, she did her hair and then put this old not washed hat on for about the 4th day in a row, yuk, its like not changing your underwear...double yuk!!

Steve is out of shower, girls still asleep in purple room, Liz fidgits, gets up, heads to bathroom, steve scampers to kitchen, back to bathroom, liz is in ehre and stands there waiting for liz to get out of toilet so he could get clothes he left in there, she goes back to bed,lights are out. 

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