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Wednesday April 26, 2017

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"Good Night Big Brother Fans!"

living room: Steve has moved his BB bag to the living room, grabs coco and his letter, and sits there and crys, then he goes into the bedroom breaks up  a quick convo the girls were trying to have, and tells them he is a wreck, they tell him to quit crying, the he sits on the bed in the dark for a few, obviously irritating the girls, they say he isnt, but talk behind his back, whisper actually as soon as he scampers out again. vanessa ssays its all gonna be over tonight girlie..., they are back to whispering i cant hear them. vanessa is stressed out, she is whispering away and i cannot understand a word Liz says, she must not have her mic on, now they decide to talk louder while in the dark, BB is not calling them out for not having light s on, i wish they would. Instead they call steve out for not washing his hands....liz says ewwww...Liz was telling vanessa her jury question, what was his best strategy'...she thinks he went off of other peoples strategy

Steve comes back in the purple room with the lights out, goes in to get the rath of the girls for that, tells them it was him blowing his nose etc, and they girls are just downcasting him a bit again, Liz saying Vanessa should be a preschool counselor (counseling steve) that is so rude!

He is sitting on the floor between the two of them, they are chatting about past people, alot about Audrey... and their last little chat continues in the dark...

Thank you all for staying up, reading, having fun with all of us, I enjoyed updating all season long, look forward to next being back in the mix  next year. I'm as happy to end this as i was starting the season, all is good in the world of Big Brother...Good night Big Brother Fans everywhere!! 

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