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Wednesday April 26, 2017

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""Last card game"

10:30PM -The conversation tonight is a bit boring as well as the card game they are playing. Steve is talking about taking his last shower tonight, and liz is saying this is the worst shower she has ever showering in. Liz wonders about the production staff, and what happens to their jobs after this till next summer, (i dont know but on to other shows for CBS i would assume)..

Vanessa asks what is wrong steve?  He says he is sad, he is every emotion right now. steve looks like he is clean shaven right now, no beard, no shadow beard.  short  <fish> and come back to a bit of babbling from steve wonders if people will care about...___(dont know we got fish!!)..i do feel a bit sad too seeing the season end,its been alot of fun.

Steve is surprised that vanessa just uses cold ice packs when these hot packs feel so good. liz says she doesnt think it helps her neck as much as just feels good(??) isnt that the goal of an icy hot pack, to feel better?? oh well, some of the dumb blonde dye must have seeped in her head while she colored it earlier. 

They are excited only an hour left till its Wednesday, steve says he is tired of being 'bit' all the time ( yelled at by these guys), the comment kinda goes right over the girls heads of course. I caught it and feel for him to to some point, sometimes, steve deserves to be yelled at, most of the time, no, the girls just picked on him as their easy target. Now on to buzzfeed, Liz loves buzzfeed, steve is talking about obama making one up (not sure, something about like being evicted from BB house), sorry guys i dont know what buzz is...

Sometimes i feel like these three are just waisting internet space...lots of it...Liz is talking about 7 million people watching them and that is not even including the international people watching them too. (then why be so boring?!!....

Steve says he probably wont sleep tomorrow night either, and then Vanessa says she is going to party like she just got out of jail, and Liz says her too, and steve says good luck with that, they havent paid them a dime yet...(Thats funny)...the girls say they wont control me anymore(thats funny too, did she not sign a contract?)...and, we get >.... fish>

 They all start talking in odd ways, like crappy irish, british, etc. and then they are talking about a toast, then superstitions, and vanessa says if you think you have bad luck coming you will jinx yourself..Vanessa gives steve a hug, or vice versa, she tells him goodluck, dont fall off the scale, and he then says omg, omg, omg....i cant believe this, and says....get this...."i thought you were such a liar"(oh too funny!! Vanessa is pissed i can tell!!)

Vanessa tells him to quit calling her names, something about the jurrors, and talks in her funky voice thinks its good its bad. <FISH>

Steve is trying to be funny, but its like a little kid fit... saying he doesnt know what he did to get there etc, thought he would be gone before Dayvonne...she says either ways this is more money than you have ever seen right?     more, >...FISH>,,,,

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