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Big Brother 15: Opinions, Odds, & Predictions For July 3, 2013Big Brother 15

Opinions, Odds, & Predictions For July 3, 2013

by MattD

Well well quite the cast of characters we have in the Big Brother 15 house. Where to begin? There is still a game going on I suppose, but the first week was relatively uneventful from a game standpoint. It's fairly clear that almost all of us will be rooting against a significant group of BB15 houseguests. Also I'll get around to giving you my take on the MVP twist, and of course I'll have some odds. Anyway here are my thoughts:

What in the ...? I, like many of you liked the fact that every houseguest this season would be new. Now we're not excited about the cast. My question... HOW THE HECK DID THIS HAPPEN? I mean seriously. There's seven people in the house who in one week (the week since the feeds came on overall I know it's been longer) have made racist/homophobic slurs. This isn't the casting department's first rodeo. Like I mentioned in the post I made about my own tryout and the people I talked to, it's a drawn out process. Nobody's perfect, I get that, but out of sixteen houseguests how do you end up with seven of them like that?  They're all at various levels of course ranging from Aaryn who probably should be expelled, to Amanda who I guess was trying unsuccessfully to be funny.  I'll try my hardest not to dwell on this, but it'll be hard.  What I want (and won't get) is an explanation of how these people got on the show, and what they're going to do to make sure it never happens again.  What I hope to have happen and *probably * won't:

1. Expel Aaryn. With all the forms they fill out, all the things they have to sign, try to find one {sidebar id=8}that says something like "conduct detrimental to the show", or something. Boot her today, we'll still have the eviction tonight, it's July 3rd, we'll roll with 14. No reason why that can't be done.

2. Have Ms. Grodner or whoever explain to the remaining HG's why Aaryn got expelled, and tell them they too could get expelled if the vulgarity continues. Seriously, doesn't racism/homophobia from the houseguests hurt the show more than whatever trouble they get into for signing, doesn't racism from the HGs hurt the show more than "talking about production" or "talking about your diary sessions with other houseguests"? Why is that kind of language even allowed.

3.The producers of the show need to issue a sincere apology to everyone. What I'm guessing we will get is some generic statement from CBS stating the "don't condone that kind of language".

This has yet to be aired on the show (as of Tuesday night), and it's still leaked into the mainstream media a little. Simply not airing any of it isn't going to work.  I'll paint this picture: whenever there is something that people know that's worth knowing , the people that know are inside a circle. The circle cannot get smaller, the more people that find out, the more the circle stretches.  If the information is explosive enough the circle eventually will not be able to contain it. The circle will explode and everyone will know. Like at work , two people know that someone slept with the bosses wife. The circle starts with just the two inside it. But the information is sooo juicy they HAVE to tell someone, so now maybe there's seven people in the circle , then those seven HAVE to tell more people, and before long everyone knows. You see the information was too powerful to be contained in the circle, so at some point it exploded and everyone knows. I hope you understand what I was saying.  The point is that even if the racism/homophobia never gets aired, everyone's going to find out anyway. So not airing this isn't an option.

Oh yeah, there's a game to play: As a fan the MVP twist worked to my liking as I think David's going home, and that's good.  I would add to the twist this: If the person the HOH doesn't nominate gets evicted, the HOH can compete for it again the following week. If the MVP's nominee goes home then that person isn't eligible for MVP the following week. But I think Elissa if she stays might win it again next week, and she will nominate someone that needs to leave. As a fan with this cast, I like it the way it is, but ordinarily it'd be better the other way.

I'll keep track of my Big Brother 15 votes here:

Week 1 MVP: voted for Helen (Elissa won)
Week 1 Have nots: I voted for Bologna and Blue Cheese (still pending)

Odds: My odds are to win only , not to finish 2nd. Obviously I don't have much yet:

Howard 7-1
Nick 7-1
McCrae 8-1
Andy 8-1
Helen 9-1
Elissa 10-1
Spencer 11-1
Candace 12-1
Jessie 13-1
Judd 14-1
Amanda 15-1
Katilyn 20-1
Jeremy 25-1
Gina 50-1
Aaryn 50-1
David 100-1

{sidebar id=8}Actually for the first week that's quite a bit. I've ruled out five people as having any realistic chance of winning at this point. My gut feeling is McCrae has as good of a chance as anyone, but he's a bigger risk of being an early out. That MVP twist guarantees someone in those last six or so is going to be on the block regardless.

Howard 7-1: Has the talent to win comps and playing great socially. Solid alliances.

Nick 7-1:  Looking good as well, things couldn't have gone better.

McCrae 8-1: He might be the first person besides Elissa to win an MVP vote. He has to be careful of Amanda dragging him down. I guess he's this year's "superfan" . That's the role I was going for.

Andy 8-1:  Smart player or so it seems . Also doing well socially. I don't see him targeted anytime soon.

Helen 9-1: If someone asked me who's the female most likely to win I'd say it's her. I hope the idiots in there don't break her . I knew she was very intelligent, and although McCrae's got the unofficial title, she's as big a superfan as anyone. And have you seen her work out? Didn't know she had THAT in her. Worst case for her is if Elissa gets targeted and they decide she needs to go on the block next to her. then Elissa wins POV. I don't see her as anyone's #1 target anytime soon.

Elissa 10-1: She probably didn't deserve MVP, but probably didn't deserve the block either. Both those things happened because of Rachel. I don't think she'll be a great strategist but she'll be a good competitor, and she's likely to have MVP again.

Spencer 11-1: In any other season he'd likely have the "bigot" label, but this season's another story. Seems well connected though. We'll see.

Candace 12-1: This high by default. Can't rule her out.

Jessie 13-1: I half-forget that she's still nominated. Will she get a vote against or won't she?

Judd 14-1: Not impressed so far. Like with some others, wait and see.

Amanda 15-1: She's likely to last awhile, but I can't see her winning at this point. haven't totally written her off yet.

Katilyn 20-1:  Pass.

Jeremy 25-1: One of the great minds of the 21st Century. Surprised he's not a professor.

Gina and Aarya 50-1: If either of these two even make the final four, I'm not sure the show will be on the air by then.

David 100-1: Speaking of whiz kids... several years ago on SNL they did a parody of "Celebrity Jeporday" where they implied the celebs playing the game were stupid. Anyway at the end the guy playing Alex Trabek said  for Final Jeporday to simply write down a number, and all three contestants still missed it. The guy playing Burt Reynolds drew a picture of a middle finger, and so forth. That reminded me of David on the show last night getting zero letters. Zero. Oh well.

Prediction time: David's going, it'll be 8-4 I'll say with Elissa getting the other 4 votes. Aarya, Gina,Jeremy, and Katilyn dissenting. Throw a dart at a board as for who the HOH will be. Elissa will be MVP again. Aaryn will be out the door by next Thursday.

That's all for now folks! Enjoy the shows! 8/7 See ya next week for more Big Brother 15!


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