Big Brother 15 Updates: Fishy Christmas Divorce 4:30 pm BBT Wed 7.24.13

Big Brother 15 Updates: Fishy Christmas Divorce 4:30 pm BBT Wed 7.24.13

We start with the FISH. Maybe I will get lucky and have FISH for the next 3 hrs.

We come back to the hoh room. Now all sharing sad stories of Christmas past. Aayrn had divorce parents. Helen was a only child. GM speaks up, my parents where divorced too. More FISH

We come back and Candice and Howard has joined the group. But the subject stays on Christmas.

Spencer asks them to raise their hands if their parents were divorced. Most of them raise them. MORE BRB FISH.

After several minutes watching the tank, we come back and more stories of childhood.

Graphics room with Mcmandy in their normal position, along with Elissa. Talking about hemaroids. McCrae’s hemaroids to be exact.

Hoh still has more stories on the home front.

WE had more FISH..If forgot to tell you…sorry.

People are breaking up in the hoh. Candice is called to the DR. she jumps up. Only ones left in the hoh are Spence, Howie, Kait and GM. GM tells them that Elissa is all cozy with Amanda. Talk of them laying low. Loud noise downstairs… they all jump. Its nothing. They thought backyard was open. Just a bad joke.  Andy is bouncing the ball had against the wall. BB tells him to stop.

They are all meandering around the kitchen and the graphics room. Nothing worthy of typing. We have all heard what most of the convos and what we haven’t they seem to insert FISH there.

And here are the more BRB FISH.

We come back for a second to hear Spencer state he drank her contacts. More FISH BRB.

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