Sweet Home Alabama


Sweet Home Alabama Recap For 1/3/14Sweet Home Alabama
Recap For 1/3/14

Hello, and welcome to Sweet Home Alabama on CMT. Tonight, Kelsey Smith continues her journey to find love with city and country men. With some shocking eliminations and a whole lot of drama, she always keeps us guessing as to what will happen!

We start this week's episode with the guys shaking their heads over Dylan's behavior. They think he is immature and wonder what Kelsey sees in him.

The guys and Kelsey all go to the zoo to interact with the animals. She spends one on one time with Collin and he thinks she will be a good mom based on how she deals with the animals.

She also gets some one on one time in with the other guys and plans a date with Collin for later that night. In other news, water is wet and the sky is blue. It is more than obvious she is in love with him and he will probably be the last man standing.

They go on the freight train for their date…..which is interesting to say the least. I just want to know why she channeled Jessica Simpson circa 2000 when she chose her outfit. They get a box car, lay down and cuddle. They each think the other is the ONE and make out.

The next day, Jacob gets the date Kelsey promised him the day before. They go to the land where he grew up and plans to raise his family. Does anyone else find this a bit….creepy?

They talk about family and he says he is in love. He gives her a gift he got from a little girl in Afghanistan. He tells a story about giving kids candy and how one of the girls gave him a present as a thank you. She says it means a lot to her and cries. They kiss.

Kelsey says that she is doing the elimination early. She decides to friendzone Justin and send him home.

She also takes Jacob aside and reads him a letter she wrote, which basically just tells him she wants to be friends and sends him home. She also returns the gift from the girl in Afghanistan.

The remaining guys meet Kelsey's family. It is one big game of twenty questions and to be honest, it is hard to follow and I tune out.


While Kelsey talks to her family, Collin calls a girl he had been seeing back home on and off to break things off so he can be with Kelsey. He confesses everything to the guys, who really don't understand what he is doing and think he was hiding a relationship from Kelsey.

The guys think Kelsey has the right to know so he confesses everything. She says she already knew what was going on and wants to know if he is in it for her. He says yes and she says to be fair, she is also dating three of his roommates. She decides to give him another chance.

The other guys are not happy about this and call him a liar and a fraud.

Kelsey meets with Todd and says he was nothing more than a fling. He is heartbroken but says he hopes she finds her true love.

She also gets rid of Dylan, saying she wants a drama free relationship.

Dylan wishes the guys luck as he says goodbye.

Join us next week for the season finale of Sweet Home Alabama on CMT. Goodnight.

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