RECAP FOR MAY 18, 2017

Hello and welcome to the season finale of Masterchef Junior. We have four contestants left and it can truly be anyone’s game at this point. 

Jasmine, Justise, Adam and Shayne are served chocolate molten lava cake to celebrate their accomplishment. However, there is a catch—they now have to recreate their own version of it. They have 35 minutes to complete the challenge. As always, the judges offer advice and commentary. 

The judges give the pros and cons of each cake before declaring Jasmine the winner. 

They will all have to compete in the second challenge to determine who will be in the finals. 

They will have to make a meat based protein dish based on what they are assigned. The choices are goat, lamb, pork and beef. 

Jasmine has first dibs after winning the first challenge, so she chooses lamb.

Adam gets beef.

Shayne gets pork.

Justise gets goat. 

It is a mad rush to the kitchen as everyone prepares to cook. The judges continue to offer their advice and give commentary. 

The judges give the pros and cons of each dish before deliberating on who should make it to the finals. 

Justise is the first one to be told she is going into the finals. Jasmine will be joining her, meaning the guys are going home. The judges have nothing but nice things to say about them and encourage them to continue living their dreams. 

The second hour kicks off with a recap of the two girls’ journey to the finale.

Wolfgang Puck and Martha Stewart are on hand to help judge the finale. The families of both girls are in the audience to cheer them on. 

The girls must make a three course meal to present to the judges. The judges watch as everyone cheers them on.

Before long, it is time for the judges to taste the first course. They rave about both dishes, making the competition that much closer. 

The trend continues as the judges taste the other courses. They deliberate over who they think should win. 

The winner of the Masterchef Junior trophy and $100,000 is….JASMINE.  Congratulations! She lets Justise hold the trophy because she could not have won without her. What a sweet classy young lady! 

See you next season.

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