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By Sara

Tonight is Special Surpise Eviction episode on Big Brother Canada. Well it was actually last Saturday morning. Arisa appeared to the F4 and told them about that the surpise eviction would happen in less than 1 hour. Shortly after this the Live Feeds were cut for the season.

So on tonight's episode we will find out who won the POV and who did they evicted. Arisa gives a run down. Demetres is the HOH and guaranteed a spot in the F3. He nominated Kevin and Karen...but the nominations really don't matter it all comes down to who wins the last POV.

Arisa sends us back on time to after the nominaions. Demetres has just nominated Karen and Kevin.

DR Demetres tells us he is going to the F3 now he just has to help Ika get there with him. He tells us how important this POV is...he needs to win it.

Kitchen the F4 talk about how that was the last nominations of the season.

DR Kevin tells us he is playing this game entirely alone. No one is going to take him to the F3. If he wants to be in the house on finally night he has to win this POV.

Next in the pink bedroom Ika tells Demetres she is happy he made final 3. She is sorry she knows she has been a little bitter and mean.

Demetres says he tells her understands he has a soft spot for her he forgives her.

They snuggle kiss and give each other a pep talk they need to win this POV. They discuss getting Kevin out ...he needs to go.

Flip to Kevin alone in the blue bedroom. He is talking to the feeds. He says he has to to beat them if any of them win he is done. He gives him self a pep talk in can beat them I can beat them. He talks about being so close to the Final Night. This POV is the most important POV of the season.

Back from a commercial break...

Arisa welcomes us back and reminds us about the 2 hour season finally is Thursday (tonight) at 7:00PM EST.

Time for the Power of Veto competition called the Down under.

Is a box with 2 side with a ladder in the middle. They have to match clues from the top universe with the bottom under world.  They have a time limit of 45mins. 1 player at a time.

This competition looks awesome.

Kevin is first. In DR he again tells us how important this POV is if he doesn't win it he knows he is out. He gives a run down on how all he has doing the puzzle he knows all the answers from the amount of studying he has done.

Karen is next. DR Karen tells us she is dreaming of winning this POV so she can be the sole vote to send Kevin Robert Martin home. Karen talks about being slow and steady to win the race.

Karen had a hard time with this competition. She does however finish before the 45mins us up.

Demetres is next. In DR he tells us he needs to win so Ika stays this week and Kevin  goes home. Do or die. He knows his brains will win this competition not his body.

Demetres gets stuck, he gets frustrated in the end he reaches his time limit.

Ika is next DR she tells us it all comes down to the POV competition. She talks about not being able to win a competition all season.

Ika has a hard time with this competition and gets frustrated...she does finish thr puzzle.

Kevin wins the POV with a time of 19 minutes 15 seconds.

They all say congrats to Kevin and hug him.

Demetres is very upset.  Ika tells him it's OK it's fine. They knew Kevin would do go at it.  Demetres is devastated Ika gives him a pep talk. He has won 7 competitions this season you can't win them all.

Kevin in the pantry talking to himself saying he can't believe he won. Karen joins him tells him good job Kevin. He says thank you. She leaves Kevin alone.

Back from commercial break...

Arisa returns she talks us about the jury. We get to see Dillon join them. Dillon informs the jury members they the F4 will each get to give a 60 second plea to the jury.

Everyone gives their pleas to the jury. Karen gave a really good speech. How she found a power couple, stayed with them all season and they didn't drag her along she could have evicted them in 8th and 5th place but she saved them. Kevin's speech was not impressive he just went out about how he is alone and how much he wants to wins. Demetres speech was about winning all the competitions he did win and he was not Ika's lapdog. Ika's speech she talked about making logical moves and took emotions out of it.

The jury doesn't want to be bitter they want to crown the best player to repersent their season.

Ika does give a pitch to Kevin for him to keep her. Kevin says he doesn't admire Ika's game. She thinks the 3 of them Kevin, Ika and Demetres deserve to get to the end. Kevin agrees. He thinks she is 1 of the best player to play BBCAN. She does deserve to be at the end.

Ika gives Demetres another pep talk if she goes he has to get to the end. He deserves to win. She would not of changed anything

Time for eviction

Kevin uses the POV to save himself.

Ika and Karen are up for eviction.

Kevin has the sole vote. Kevin votes to evict Ika.

Ika gives everyone a hug and leaves. She tells them all of them loves them. She tells Kevin she respects him.  

Demetres is devastated. He leaves the living room crying.

Arisa has a short conversation with Ika.

More on the Facebook live chat.

Final 3 are Kevin, Karen and Demetres.

Tune in tonight for the last time of the season to see who will win BBCAN.

2 hour season Final starting at 7:00PM EST.


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