Chronicles of Evil Brody
Thursday March 30, 2017

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Chronicles of Evil Brody 
I Have Found Love

Hate has been the driving force in my life.  Hate has been my north star.  I have used it to jump hurdles and I have used it to push through every barrier that has stood in my way.  But something is different now.  My hate is being replaced with something new, something dangerous.  Instead of being filled with hate for Daddy I am now being filled with something else because now I have found love.  

I like so many great men in history have had to overcome adversity.  FDR had polio, Abraham Lincoln struggled with depression and I had a tight muscle in my neck.   This had the potential to cripple me, but thanks to mommy and her watchful eye I was properly diagnosed and was sent to treatment, and that is where I meet her and our connection was instantaneous.

Michelle was my psychical trainer.   She was a woman who was as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside.  She could have done anything she wanted to in this world.  She could have been a super model, she could have married royalty, she could have been CEO of any fortune 500 company but she decided to spend her life helping people who suffered from potentially crippling diseases like mine so we could live full and rich lives, and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.  

 {sidebar id=8}Now I have never been in love before and I will be honest I was very unsure of I should proceed.  Should I try Pea cocking, I hear that works pretty well.  Should I play coy and maybe be a bit of a Jerk, for some reason women seem to like that, but I thought that I should take advantage of situation and use the Florence Nightingale Effect to my advantage.  This Beautiful creature is a care taker with an open heart.  I first I didn’t want to push too much.  There was some small flirtation when she was helping me with my exercises and we both laugh at the always funny questions of Who made a Stinkey?  Only after a few weeks of treatment our childlike crush turned into something more.   We were desperately in love!

Michelle had to keep her love for me to herself because if her employers found out about her feelings she could loose her job.  There are rules at her work against dating patients, but rules were not meant for people like us, and even though her feelings for me were never verbalized I knew how she felt when she ask she looked in my eyes and said “who is the cutest little man in the world.”  This distance was hard on me until I realized that it didn’t matter because I am going to make this woman my wife.  Before all I could think about was revenge, but now I am thinking about how I am going to propose.  And I will be honest with you, I have spent more than a little time thinking about that first night together in our wedding crib.  

Yours truly,

Happy Brody

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