Chronicles of Evil Brody
Friday April 28, 2017

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Editor's note: Here is chapter four of Daniel R's Chronicles of Evil Brody, the story about Baby Brody, who is set on getting revenge on his dad for failing to change his diaper. So far, we have seen Brody plan his revenge, only to be foiled by the Grandmas. Check out what happens when the cat gets involved. Thank you as always, Daniel. 

I have a potential ally that I have not considered before now.  I am living with the enemy and this is a very dangerous place to be.  But the upside is I get lots of intelligence and I am able to find weaknesses everywhere.  I have noticed that support for Dad is diminishing, and I suspect that one of Dad’s most loyal subjects Pollyana can be turned.  She loves Daddy and supports him, but she does have a temper.  One second she is happily laying on dad's lap and the next second she is scratching him for no good reason.  Dad seems to accept this erratic behavior from her but I know that I can use this to my advantage.  If I can change her loyalty and focus her rage, I will have a powerful ally.  

 {sidebar id=8}My first step is to have Polly  think of me as a friend and confidant.  I need her to know that she can confide in me.  This has been meet with mixed results.  While we have spent some time cuddling together and she did a very nice job of grooming me, she still hasn’t said much.  She starts to tell me about her day and then seams to be in pain upon starting.  I have seen this happen to many times where she start talking and then is hit with overwhelming pain.  The same thing happens every time.  I think she is starting to tell me about her day like me like food or me mad at Dad, but all I ever hear coming from her is Mee Ouch.  Those cries will haunt me for the rest of my days. That sick man has done something to her and I promise you Pollyana, whatever else happens I will do whatever I can to reverse what that man did to you.  

Since verbal communication has not been as successful as I would have hoped, I have started using nonverbal communication methods.  At first I tried to use hand signals to communicate my desire for us to form a stronger bond, but unfortunately Polly is not literate in American Sign Language.  Then I tried to bribe Polly with food.  Every time Dad was eating I would start crying, giving Polly ample time toanything she desired off his plate.  However,  either she didn’t understand the plan or her loyalty to Dad prevented her from acting.  Either way, the fat man stayed fat, and Polly remained loyal.  Then I had a breakthrough.  I tried to use Polly as a teether. 

I had just stumbled upon the key to make Polly my minion.  My gums where hurting quite a bit at that time.  I am not sure what is going on but they were swollen and raw.  This caused me great discomfort and I had a difficult time preventing my self from drooling all over.  At that very moment, Pollyana walked by.  I am not proud of what I did, but out of desperation to find some relief, I grabbed her and pulled her toward me.  I felt that her soft flesh would comfort my gums and her fur would act as an absorbent cloth.  I meant her no harm and she would not have been hurt, but I just needed her help.  This act of selfishness seems to have been what I was looking for.  Polly has not said this to me specifically, but I think she took my actions as a sign of respect.  She groomed me and in her view I have now returned the favor.  In cat culture this is a very big deal.  Since I have shown her the respect that Dad has never shown either one of us, her loyalties have clearly shifted.  

I am still constantly surrounded by danger and I have to be very careful as I proceed, but for the first time in a long time I feel like my plans are coming together.  I have taken a large step today and I know everything will work out because regardless of what else is thrown at me I now know that I have the cat on my side.   

Yours Truly,

Evil Brody

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