Chronicles of Evil Brody
Friday April 28, 2017

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Chronicles of Evil Brody – An Evil Brody Christmas

It's now Christmas morning and I rise from my bed Eager to see the evil presents Santa brought from his sled
Will it be a contraption for torture or a vile filled with disease

Either I admit would I would use with great ease. 

Any present I receive must surely be bad

A great gift from Santa to help destroy dad.

A super strong death ray would be oh so nice

To use to make Dad pay the ultimate price

Destroying my dad is not all I must do. 

I have a great big old world to takeover too.

Oh Santa great man I've been evil all year

So don't I deserve a tank I can steer? 

If a tank it too big to fit on your sled.

A Guillotine would be nice to take off a head

And A WMD would also be swell

I would send all my enemies directly to hell

Try not worry my goals don't all lead to destruction

I will weed out all fraud and corporate corruption

And when I rule the world true peace there will be

Jews, Muslims and Christians will all bow before me

And please don't you think your elf’s are forgotten.

I will give them Brody Pajama’s 100% Cotton.

The poor I will feed, and the sick I will heal

When my world domination plans start to be real

Oh Santa Saint Nick a Great Christmas I see

As my evil wrapped present lay beneath tree

Merry Christmas

Yours Truly, 

Evil Brody.

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