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By Sara

Welcome to Big Brother Canada Season 5 Finally Night.

We start the show with the Final 3 individual walk thru the Odyssey saying they are still here and want to win. A cool start to the final episode. They each ask the Odyssey to show them everything and we get a recap of the whole season.

After a the recap of the season, we a intro of 3 escape pods leaving the Odyssey and landing on jungle world which is now set up in the backyard for the 1st part HOH competition.

Arisa appears and tells us the F3 have escaped the Odyssey and had crash landed back on  earth.  She explains how the final HOH sets the stage for the start of the 1st part.

The F3 exit their escape pods into the jungle. First they have to climb the ruins, grab a gold bar then slide down into a mud pit, then they have to place their gold bar onto a platform, then balance the platform with a vine until they get it to the lock spot. They have to use the gold bars to make a pyramid on their platform if they platform tips they will have to rebuild their pyramid. The first one to build their pyramid will win part 1.

The competition begins

DR Kevin tells us he had poured his heart and soul into this game. He has to win this part.

DR Demetres tells us this HOH is huge he doesn't want all his and Ika's hard work all season to be forgotten. He needs to win.

DR Karen tells us another physical competition and this one is brutal. It raining, she is full of mud and playing against 2 big bucks.  She says she will not give up she is going to try and win this.

Demetres is making good progress...tellls us he is ripping thru this jungle he knows this is type of competition, he has won comps like this, this is mine to lose.

DR Kevin knows Demetres is ahead of him by a few bars. He is not going to panic this will only increase his heart rate he has to keep it slow and steady.

Demetres puts his last gold bar but as he walks back his vine a few bars falls he has to return to the platform to fix the bars.

Kevin says they are neck and neck this is his chance.

But Kevin loses gold bars and has to fix . Then Demetres loses another and has to fix them.

Finally Demetres wins  part 1 of the HOH competition.

DR Demetres is so happy he won he can't even put into words.

We return to Arisa Demetres won part 1 now its Kevin vs Karen in part 2.

This competition is called written in the stars. They have to map out the stars from the season from the galaxy. They have 5 questions they have to answer by using a rope to map out the answer.

The first to finishes in the fastest time wins part 2.

Karen is first DR she tells us she hasn't won a competition since night 1. She wants to win this one. She then just gives us a play by play on her logic to answer the difficult questions.

She doesn't feel like she did a good job. She hates being the weak person and is frustrated with herself.

Kevin turn...he starts.

DR Kevin he tells us in his first season he failed he didn't make it but now he has a second shot at winning if he doesn't win he will be devastated. He wants to win  part 2 so he can win part 3 and take Demetres down.  

He starts with the longest ropes and makes good progress. He gets a little stumped on the 2nd last question.

But in he end he feels like he did it in a fast time making all his studying pay off.

Karen's time 41 minutes 39 seconds

Kevin time 12 minutes 13 seconds  

Kevin wins and is moving out  to part 3 vs Demetres.

Back to Arisa she says we will get other part 3 in a few minutes. Now we get a highligts of the earlier evicted houseguests.  Starting with Mark, then Dallas, Cassandra, Gary and Emily.

Then Arisa welcomes the first 5 on stage and has a little chat with them.

Next up the final part HOH competition Demetres vs Kevin.

First Arisa talks to the Final 3. They all look amazing.

Arisa asks them all to head to the backyard.  We get a light show and Kevin and Demetres are in middle blocks. With screens around them.

(You really needs to watch because the production and execution of these comps are FRIGGING awesome)

They competition begins...7 questions.

A B answers.

Both get the first and second correct.

3rd Kevin correct Demetres wrong

4th Kevin correct  Demetres wrong

5th Kevin correct  Demetres wrong

Kevin wins part 3 of the HOH.

Arisa asks Kevin to make his final choice on who to sit next to in the Final 2.

Kevin evicts Demetres.

Demetres wishes them luck, leaves and joins Arisa on stage.

Demetres feels horrible.  He believes going against Karen will be harder then Kevin thinks.  Arisa says after the conmerical break they will bring out the jury and have Demetres join them.

We return and Arisa sends us to a clip of the jury being joined by someone that knows something about Big Brother

Tim is back!  From BBCAN4 and BBAUS.

They jury have a discussion. Ika joins them they are all shocked they expected Kevin to come out. Tim ask Ika to tell them what happened.

They discuss the F3.

After we return Arisa welcomes the jury on stage and Demetres joins them.

The jury now gets to ask the final 2 questions. Very quick question and answers.

Final pleas to the jury.

Karen talks about how strong her social game.

Kevin talks about being alone the 2nd part of this game he has worked  every competition to get himself into the F2. He has wants this more then anything.

Time to vote. Arisa makes it clear they are voting for who they want to win this season.

We get filler another recap of the whole season and best moments of the season. I'm going to Fast Forward to the end.

Neda - Kevin
Sindy - Kevin
Bruno - Kevin
Jackie - Kevin
Dre  - Kevin
Dillon - Kevin
Ika - Kevin
Demetres - Kevin

Kevin wins BBCAN 5.

This has been a awesome season.

Stay turned we will return with BBUS 19 starting June 28 with a 2 hour season premiere.


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