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Thursday March 30, 2017

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As you might have heard, Brazil’s “Miss BumBum” (AKA Cristiano Ronaldo’s rumored mistress), is in serious condition after a botched plastic surgery left her thighs infected. Andressa Uroch was having previously injected gel removed from her thighs when the infection occurred.

Recently Miss Bum-Bum 2012 runner-up, Andressa Urach, was admitted to an intensive care unit with severe infections that resulted from injections of artificial materials into her thighs. She reports having both Hydrogel and PMMA injections to increase the size and improve the shape of her thighs. These ultimately became infected, requiring surgical attempts to remove this material. 

Unfortunately, these materials can cause deep tissue infections that can be both disfiguring and life-threatening. Artificial injections have been used to increase the size of various body parts, including the buttocks, hips, legs, breast, and even the penis.  It is important to note that neither Hydrogel or PMMA is approved for use by the FDA in the United States specifically because of concerns over the short-term and long-term safety. The demand for this quick and relatively cheap way to increase the size of the legs, breasts, and buttocks, is at an all-time high, and there are many unscrupulous people providing these black-market injections. Oftentimes, these are unlicensed physicians from other countries and even non-health care workers completely who are providing these injections in salons, spas, and airport hotels. These people often use contaminated material or needles, and non-sterile technique which increases the already high incidence of infections. There have been many well-documented cases of men and women who have suffered severe complications, and even death, as a result of these illegal injections. To protect yourself, you should only be treated by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who uses only FDA-approved injection materials.


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