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Hello and welcome to tonight's recap of The Sing-Off on NBC. This season of the Sing off is one episode long and we will have a winner when these two hours of show are over. I personally have been focusing mostly on sports pieces this season and am making my comeback to television with this two hour special. Here we go->

Joining the judging panel Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy will be sitting in with Shawn Stockman from Boyz to Men and Jewel. There will be 6 groups competing tonight from all over the world with just one performance to hit the world by storm. Hosting is once again Nick Lachey.

The 6 groups open with the song “We’re the KIds in America”, the beauty of this show and occupella is the fact that all the music produced is done without the aid of music, and all done by the beat boxing skills along with the amazing vocals.

The judges give some advice to our groups and we now kick off the competition.

  1. Timothy’s Gift
Location- Nashville, Tennessee

They are an all girl group who spend most of their time singing in prisons with the intention of reminding the prisoners they are indeed human. They met in the churches and are now taking their talents to the sing off stage.

Song- “Ghost”-Ella Henderson.

Patrick Stump- The harmonizing stood out, but you have so many great lead voices and that really works.

Jewel- Different style of occupella, but there is not a lot of base or percussion. You were very warm, and all could be soloists.

Shawn Stockman- What you do for the prison inmates is beautiful, Abby what you do for the group is incredible and you are the star. It took me some time to figure out where you were going with that piece.

Me- The voices were incredible but the melodies and the beat boxing were not of winner quality.

2. A Squared

Location- Yale

They specialize in using technology to create different base loops on their performance. They specialize in doing different styles of songs and seeing exactly how creative they can be with the topics

Song- “Pompei”-The Bastille

Patrick Stump- I don’t think people at home will realize quite how complicated this piece exactly was for this performance. It was pretty neat and I was intrigued.

Jewel- There is nothing square about you guys, they have a lot of different concepts within them but the gimmick took away from some of the emotion within the group.

Shawn Stockman- You guys are like the Steve Jobs of occupella, this could break into a change in occupella. It seemed overwhelming in certain spots.

Me- Not that impressive if you ask me, It didn’t come across quite as strongly as I would have liked.  I want power and deep bass with occupella and I didn’t get that.

3. Traces

Location- New York City

They mix R&B and gospel stylings to see what the best possible performance they can get. Their intentions are to not just get their roots across but really make the judges appreciate their merge of styles.

Song- “River Deep Mountain High"- Tina Turner

Patrick- I agree with Shawn on the percussion, I almost wanted to hear more of it, it was excellent.

Jewel- Tamika, your base is incredible and I would love to listen to that all the time, it was beautifully delivered and the energy was great.

Shawn- This stage was worked by people who looked like 40 year old veterans, the shaking of your all's voices was pitch perfect. I feel the performance and that is great.,.

Me- Much better performance for me than the first 2, but I think this show gets its popularity from when a new song is turned into an occupella version and I have heard that song done that way before.

4. The Exchange

Location- All over the world

These people have met on the sing-off in season 3 and formed a new group that is pitch perfect. They have toured the world performing for free and they really try and incorporate new songs into their performances.

Song- “Love Runs Out"- One Republic

Patrick- I loved how you took us to a different universe. I am the singer and I love what you guys do between switching from base to singer.

Jewel- I loved the complex cords, and they were very dynamic and fluid. The vocal chords were stretched to their highest content.

Shawn- That performance was flawless, and the beauty of occupella is you can almost do any song, and this song was perfect for y'all. Chris and Richard you kept them together and gave me chills.

Me- Well performed, I loved the idiosyncrasies in the performance and they meshed really well together with that new song. They are the leader in the clubhouse.

5. San Fran Six.

Location- San Francisco

This group just met a month ago and was created by one person who went out to find the best voices possible to fit their group. They have a competition beat boxer and a chemist in their group. This is their first time performing on stage and they are performing the Dolby.

Song- “Break Free”-Arianna Grande

Patrick- I disagree with Shawn, I was entertained the entire time and I love the arrangement,

Jewel- There are so many modern influences from you guys in this song, it was beautiful and it sounds like you have a lot of supporters.

Shawn- That was Sick and the beat was crazy. There were spots in the song where the beat could have been added too with some tunes but it was good,

Me- This is my favorite performance of the night as they really varied with their beat styles and I thought it was top of the class.

6. The Meladores


They are a college group of students from Vanderbilt university, they are students but they live for performing, One of them is in the Pitch Perfect movies and they rehearse like they are on stage every time

Song- “Trumpets”-Jason Derulo

Patrick- The arrangement was excellent, there were a few pitchy moments right up at the beginning.

Jewel- William you provided cute overload, James you reminded me of Jason Mraz. They falsetto’s were incredible and it was very entertaining.

Shawn- That was a really nice trip you took us on. It is entertaining and you took us on a trip. The fugle horm was beautiful. The Bass could have been a little more present in the performance, that is my only complaint.

Me- Cute performance, but I don’t love the song. I agree with a lot of what Shawn Stockman said in the critique, they should advance but it is very tough.

Season 3 Victor Pentatonix who is undoubtedly the most successful group in the history of the show came on to showcase their Christmas spirit with a symphony of their best Christmas tunes.

The Results- The judges have picked their top 3 and they are.

1- The Exchange

2- Traces

3- The Meladores

San Fran Six, A squared and Timothy’s Gift have been eliminated.

The Judges Choice Round is up next, these songs are done with 2 hours of preparation and that is it, they are then pushed onto the stage to perform however they could compile in that time frame.


Song- “I am every woman”- Whitney Houston

Patrick- It was so so good, and really complimented the strong voices that you do have in the group, I am happy you all got it done. The pitch was hit on all syllables.

Jewel-You guys were amazing and you hit all your notes perfectly, the low note really struck me and I love you ladies.

Shawn- The attitude was very good with the song, and it was very good. It exemplifies female power. It reminded me of Honey dropping off of a spoon. Tamika you sing lower than me.

Me-I thought the song fit really well into the women’s style, and I think it could very possibly propel them to a win. 

The Exchange-

Song- “Sing”- Ed Sheeran

Patrick- I think the in between of the song was pretty boring but it was really really good, and I know Shawn loves you guys.

Jewel- I really liked a lot of what you were doing, and the slow dynamic left you a lot of room to branch off of it. I loved how you incorporated the audience.

Shawn- I didn't know you had those high notes Jamaal it shocked me, you guys showed me range just between 2 songs.

Me- One word, perfection. The lead singer’s high notes was incredible.

The Meladores-

Song- “Take Me to Church”- Hozier

Patrick- That is a hard song and Dan your lead was awesome, it is so sparce in the first verse so watching y’all do nothing but it worked really well and I am so proud.

Jewel- This is such a contrast of the first number and I loved the gauntlet that you threw with this performance, and all the pain you showed us showed courage and I loved it.

Shawn- The Meladores took us to Church and may have just won the competition.

Me- If the last performance was perfect this was better, so intense.

Last Season’s winner Home Free is joining our season’s 3 judges the song “Stand by Me” by Ben King.

The judges agreed upon how difficult it was to make a decision on a sing off champion this season. Jewel feels like a mom and was proud of all the teams. Shawn and Patrick are also proud and want to see how they progress in their careers. The winning team is…… The Meladores!!!!!

Thank you all for reading, I am glad to be back in the entertainment section of the recaps and am happy that you all enjoyed this piece as much as I hope you did. I wish the sing off would have gotten a full season to see how these teams would have developed but they were great to even just get to see for a night and I look forward to this show every Christmas season. Be sure to follow me on twitter @Timwestine75 for many more of my links to my articles to not just my entertainment pieces but my sports pieces.

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