Hello once again everyone!! Well it's come down to this, the last day of the season. Will it be Demetres, Karen, or Kevin to win Big Brother Canada 5? Today is the 69th and final day of the season, and we'll take a look at various things that happened throughout. I'll give grades for the cast, the twists, the feeds, and the production. One thing worth noting is that with both this show, and the OTT season, we have about 235 days or so of Big Brother a year now. Anywho let's get right to it.

The Cast  gets a B+. It was a well rounded cast, not really anyone where I'd say *ugh* get that person off my computer screen. The newbies were mostly 25 and younger, but that's to be expected. The 53 year old they put on there is still battling with a chance to win. The vets were overall a good bunch in spite of no returning champs, although to be fair we only have 4.

The Twists get a B.  If it was up to me, I'd prefer they just let them play the game, but I know that'll never happen, so what I judge them on is there not being too many of them, and how fair where they? The more a twist takes power away from the HOH, the worse it is. Grading on a curve this season was pretty good. Neda did get voted safety for a few weeks, which was the worst one, but in the end it might have hurt her more than it helped. The didn't bring back any evicted players, like they had the first four seasons, so that's very good. The first three seasons of BBCanada the twists were just out of control, mostly because they had a sponsor for them. So for this season they really weren't too bad.

The Feeds get an A+. As long as you're giving them away for free, you can't go wrong. I actually like the idea of them cutting the feeds so we don't know who won the first two parts of the last HOH. In fact it wouldn't have bothered me if they had cut them before we found out Kevin won the last POV. CBS can't do that down here of course since we pay for them, but it makes the finale that much more exciting in my opinion.

Production gets a C+. It wasn't terrible. The editing was fine as far as I could tell, they didn't go out of their way to make anyone look way better or worse than they were. But that "Space Odyssey" theme was silly. Also like I've said before, there's too many HOH comps that don't get completed during the live show, and it's even worse on BBCanada because they frequently cut us off even if it's a question and answer comp which just takes a few minutes.

That's my opinion on it, we all have different tastes, that's just my two cents.   Now a final word about the houseguests.

Mark (16th): The dubious distinction of being the first BBCanada houseguest to finish 16th, never had that many before. If he could have just gotten one more vote that 1st week, Demetres would have been gone in week one.

Dallas (15th): He's entertaining, and not a bad guy or anything, but he's mostly just there to screw around. He deserved an early exit.

Cassandra (14th): Easy to forget she was on the show this season. Not very impressive this time around.

Gary (13th): He was actually done in by a twist this time around, but it wasn't an unfair one as everyone got to vote on the nominees that week. He's a threat in the game, but don't forget he only finished 8th out 15 the last time which isn't bad, but he was then handed a final 5 spot. Again he's a solid threat, but let's keep a foot on the truth with him.

Emily (12th): She just simply wasn't able to survive the week on the block with Dillon. Well the first time she did, with both of them being safe, but not the second time. A key part of the game is how you do against you're "ride or die" whether it's your friend or your showmance. Eventually it's likely you'll end up on the block next to the person, or if things go really well then you might be against them in the finals. Anyway she was out that week and Dillon stayed another month.

Neda (11th): Strategically she's as good as anyone, and socially she played well in her season, but not this time around. It wasn't looking great for her to begin with going into the double eviction, although I figured she'd be safe with Sindy as HOH.

Sindy (10th): I think a lot of people forgot what a lousy player she had been the previous time she played. She did well with the comps, but it took bringing her back after being evicted for her to barely make jury. Bad gameplay is usually exciting, so production got it's money's worth.

Bruno (9th): After the Neda/Sindy fiasco he was in a poor position, and he never recovered.

Jackie (8th): As annoying as people found her, she probably would have been a fairly loyal ally if anyone would have wanted to seriously work with her. She did well to get 8th.

William/Dre (tie/6th): The French connection did ok for themselves. Demetres was able to get'em both with one swipe on triple eviction night. William won an HOH and 2 POVs plus the secret POV, Dre never won a comp.

Dillon (5th): Like I said before he was too late in the game to be too safe if he didn't win an HOH or POV that week. He was vulnerable because of that.

Ika (4th):  Well she was loved on twitter, and according to various other polls I saw not that popular elsewhere. It's funny with a lot of those people. I mean like BB18 those people worshiped Paul and Victor (and I liked them too), and would talk about how even though Victor had been evicted twice and came back he deserved it because of all the comps he won. Now listening to those same people, winning comps doesn't mean anything  it's all about strategy and your social game (in spite of all the disagreements Ika got into she played a great social game). Actually I enjoy twitter, the only real beef I have with most of those people is once they decide what side of the game they're rooting for, they despise everyone on the other side. But anyway I get the feeling if someone they were rooting against never won a comp and had a boyfriend that won 6 HOH's, they'd be saying what floater she was or whatever. For the record I *don't* think that about Ika, her strength was getting people to do what she wanted them to do like getting Sidney to make an idiotic move during the double eviction. She did well in this game but in the end her inability to win comps did her in.

Odds: OK, the way I'm reading this is I don't think there's any chance of Demetres and Kevin taking the other person to the finals. I don't think there's a very realistic chance of Karen winning the final HOH. It's not impossible but I don't think it'll happen. I think Demetres would definitely beat Karen in the finals. I think Kevin would probably beat Karen in the finals. Therefore my odds are like this:

Demetres 11-10

Kevin 8-5

Karen 5-1

Demetres 11-10:  I'm like this close to making him even money, but I can't quite do it. Nothing's impossible, but I don't see five jury members out of the nine voting against him if he's up against Karen. You never know how a jury is going to react to things, so I left a little bit of space for an upset, so he's not quite even-money to win this. That being said, I'm sure he'll finish either 1st or 3rd.

Kevin 8-5: He has won 2 HOH's but 4 POV's including the last 3. He wasn't in any better position than Bruno, but he's been a beast in comps the last few weeks. If he wins and evicts Demetres, I would think he would get Neda, Sindy, Bruno, William, and Jackie as well as possibly others, but there's always a couple of surprises in the voting, and I don't think he has quite the margin of error that Demetres would have against Karen. For example Sindy seems like a safe vote for him but she might get a wild hair up her butt and vote for Karen, we saw how easily swayed she is.

Karen 5-1: It's not impossible for her, it could happen. Now I don't think it will, but she's sitting in a great spot for 2nd place. It's good to see someone that age make it as far as she's made it. I'd be surprised if she wins, but stranger things have happened.

Predictions: Kevin and Demetres split the the first two parts of the final HOH. Demetres wins Part 3, evicts Kevin, and defeats Karen in a landslide to win the 5th season of Big Brother Canada.

Ok that's it for now, I'll see you late next month or the beginning of July. Anyways enjoy the show and thanks for reading!!

MattD (@MattD34 on twitter)


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