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Welcome to week twelve of NBC's The Biggest Loser, Second Chance on Life. We kick off the show at the end of last week's show as Alison announces they are heading to the Olympic Oval in Utah.

On the airplane, they are all excited as they show off how much seat belt they have left as compared to when they were flying to the ranch. They arrive in Utah at the training center and are greeted by Dolvett who introduces Apolo Ohno. Apolo talks to them about his first tryout for the Olympics and how his father pushed him to keep trying. Then it's inside for a workout with Dolvett and encouragement from Apolo. Jay is the first one to speak to us about his fear of being away from the ranch and their normal routines and how it might show up on the scale.

Back at the hotel, our contestants talk to each other about their fear of being away from their normal routine. Rachel show Jennifer that she prepared all her food and snacks before leaving the ranch.

We are whisked back to the Oval where they are greeted by Alison who announces they will be curling and introduces them to the U.S. Curling Team. Alison tells them there will be two heats of four players each. The first two players in each heat to get to three points will move on to the finals. First player to get three points in the finals wins the challenge. The winner will receive $5000 in cash. First heat is Rachel, Bobby, Jay and Jennifer. Jay says his strategy is to not win the challenge, just in case he loses the weigh-in. Bobby is first to make it to the finals, followed by Rachel. Jay and Jennifer are out. Second heat Chelsea and David get the first point, then David gets his second, followed by Chelsea. David makes it to three, followed by Chelsea. In the final heat, David and Chelsea score the first points, followed by Bobby. Chelsea makes her second score. Bobby gets his second point. Rachel get the third point and wins the money. Sour grapes for those on the bench who are now saying she has a target on her back now. Bobby tells us that with all Rachel's wins, she is at risk of being sent home if she ever falls below the yellow line. Jay tells us that everyone is "upset" and there are now "bad vibes" in the house.

Morning breaks and our contestants are greeted by Bob who warns them that when traveling, the weigh-ins always suck because that is what happens when they travel. He puts them through a workout with zigzag sprints, then bar lifting, kettle bell swings and lunges... and finish the course piggy-backing each other. Jay and Rachel show themselves to be the biggest competitors and Bob thinks they will be a shoo-in for the triathlon and a guaranteed spot in the Finale. Bob dismisses the group and asks Bobby to stay behind to talk about his earlier binge and how he needs to find new tools to cope with that. Bob tries to tell him how to move on from the binge. Bob then heads out to do a little grocery shopping and surprises the contestants with breakfast.

Dolvett then has a conversation with Rachel about her life and her father, her losing their bond when she stopped swimming, then the divorce of her parents. She talks about how since she has come to the Biggest Loser he has been writing to her and giving her inspiration. She tells us that she is so happy she has her relationship back with her father.

We then catch up with Tumi. She arrived at the ranch weighing 319, left the ranch weighing 221 and today, she weighs 180. We watch as she works out, and clips of her returning home. We get to join her as she tries on her wedding gowns accompanied by her sister. Tumi says she can't wait to be a beautiful bride and have the family she has always wanted. Good luck Tumi, you look fantastic!


The Challenge
Alison greets our contestants outside at the foot of the bobsledding track. She then introduces them to the U.S. Bobsled Team. They talk to the contestants about their trying out for the Olympics and second chances. She then tells them the winner of the challenge will receive a one-pound advantage (tired of these advantage/disadvantage prizes - just weigh them fair and square!) She announces that they will be on the track, not going down it, but up it and to the finish line. She explains that the track is 1 mile long with a 400 foot climb and at an elevation of 7000-7400 feet. Alison sounds the air horn to start the race.

Rachel and Jay take the lead, then Jay passes Rachel. Rachel decides her best bet is to just stay with Jay. The others are walking and finding it hard to breathe at this altitude. Rachel continues to pace Jay, then at the halfway mark, she decides to pass Jay. She tries to get as far ahead of him as possible. Rachel then has to fight her labored breathing. Jay talks about how he can't seem to catch his breath and can't catch Rachel. She wins the challenge and the 1-pound advantage (memories of Tara). Jay comes in a close second. Marie is third, followed by Chelsea. Jennifer is fifth. David is next, followed by Bobby and finally Tanya. Alison congratulates them on completing the race and hands Rachel the 1-pound advantage. She then tells Rachel she has earned the right to take the fast way down... in the bobsled with the Olympics team.

We catch up with Becky Comet from Season 12. She is paying it forward with a Teaching Gardens so the kids can watch things grow and eat the vegetables they grow. To learn more about the Teaching Gardens Program, go to

Rachel and Jennifer are out walking, while Marie, Chelsea and Jay are at home, discussing Rachel and her wins. Jay tells them about how he did not want to win the $5000 challenge and put a target on his back. Marie says the difference between him and Rachel, is Rachel doesn't care because she doesn't intend to fall below the yellow line.

And we're back to workouts... last chance workout with all three trainers. Tanya doesn't want another taste of being below the yellow line and is working hard to avoid it. Bob reminds Marie that two people will fall below the yellow line as he works with her. Jennifer is still having a hard time and can't seem to do a box jump. She tried it with Bob and couldn't do it several weeks ago. Jillian decides that Jennifer will do it! She takes her aside for a pep talk about fear of success. Jennifer tells her she has always felt she is not good enough. Jillian tells her she has to move on from the past and start living for her future, that she is awesome and they are going to try it again. Jennifer walks back to the box, tries, stops, and tries again and does it... twice! She tells us that it was a big moment and she is so proud of herself.

The Weigh-In
Alison greets our contestants outside at the foot of the Nordic Ski Jump for a freezing weigh-in. (They look like they are freezing, wrapped in parkas, hats and scarves ... but no steam coming from their mouths when they talk, lol) Alison reminds them that there will be a yellow line, two will fall below and the others will vote for one to be eliminated.

Rachel 161 to 155 -6 4.35% (-7 with 1-pound advantage. 105 pounds in 12 weeks!)
Marie 183 to 178 -5 2.73%
Chelsea 171 to 168 -3 1.75%
David 270 to 266 -4 1.48% (143 pounds to date)
Tanya 198 to 196 -2 1.01%
Jennifer 189 to 189 -0 0.0%

Jay 192 to 193 +1 +0.52%
Bobby 254 to 256 +2 +0.79%

Bobby and Jay have fallen below the yellow line. Jennifer breathes a sigh of relief. Alison dismisses the trainers and asks Bobby and Jay to come forward to state their case before the vote. Jay tells them it is a game and they have to vote with their brain and their heart - and his goal was to make it to make-over week. Bobby tells them they are family to him and he would like for them to remember that there is a triathlon at the end and Jay is a strong competitor. Alison will ask them to each tell who they are voting to eliminate.

The Elimination
Tanya votes Jay
Jennifer votes Jay
Rachel votes Jay
Marie votes Bobby
David votes Jay

Jay has received 4 of the 6 votes and is eliminated. Jay says they have all grown close and loves and respects them. Alison congratulates him on losing 104 pounds and will see him at the Finale. Jay hugs everyone and tells us that if he was in their shoes, he would have voted off the biggest competitor, just like they did. He gives credit to Jillian to being a big part of where he is today in his weight loss. He say she now has life by the horns and the next time we see him he will be at the Finale, ripped and looking great! (Too bad, I would love to have seen Jay's makeover.)

Next Week: FASHION GURU TIM GUNN AND CELEBRITY HAIRSTYLIST KEN PAVES GUEST STAR IN “FAN FAVORITE” MAKEOVER EPISODE – It’s one of the most eagerly-anticipated episodes of “The Biggest Loser” season -- the makeover episode! The fun begins with fashion expert Tim Gunn, who works his magic helping the contestants select stylish new outfits to flatter their new slimmer selves. Then celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves, whose clients have included Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, Lady Ga Ga and Eva Longoria, crafts incredible new looks for each of the remaining seven contestants, leading to amazing and dramatic transformations. Then they are whisked away to enjoy a special night out and heartwarming, emotional reunions with loved ones flown in to celebrate their big day. Later, it’s back to reality and the ranch, where two players fall under the red line at the weigh-in and are eliminated, revealing the final five contestants of the season.


Thanks for stopping by and we hope see you on Tuesday, January 21, 2014 at 8/7c for The Biggest Loser, Makeover Week only on NBC!


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