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Thursday March 30, 2017

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by vic2rea

Welcome to week 13 of NBC's The Biggest Loser, Glory Days! Who will be the unlucky person to fall below the red line and be sent home from beautiful Hawaii?  We start tonight's show as JJ arrives to find Bob waiting for him and revealing that the game is not yet over, he sheds tears and is then reunited with Scott.

Back at the ranch, our contestants are packing up and heading out for Hawaii. We are treated to beautiful scenery while they travel.  After they arrive they head to Waimea Canyon to be greeted by Alison.  She informs them they are about to experience two weeks in Hawaii. She tells them to keep in mind there is a red line at the weigh-in and someone's journey will end in Hawaii.
The trainers take over and its off to the beach for running and exercising using the wind, the sea and anything they find on the beach. Dolvett notices that Rob doesn't seem to have shown up today. Rob complains of being dizzy and seeing spots. He tells us he is worried about heat stroke. He tells Dolvett he feels like he is not in control. Dolvett tells him that he wasn't in control when his weight climbed to 483 pounds.
The Challenge
The contestants are greeted by Alison who tells them that on her go, they will grab a kayak, paddle out 1000 feet to a buoy, retrieve a bag of puzzle pieces and return to shore. First player to finish the puzzle will win the prize that will be revealed on their puzzle.  On Alison's go, Lori is first in the kayak, Woody is bringing up the rear.  Jordan and Lori have a commanding lead over the others. Lori is the first to retrieve her puzzle pieces and making her way back. Jordan is right behind her, followed by Woody and Rob. Sonya is having a problem getting back into her kayak.
Lori and Jordan are working their puzzle, Toma and Woody arrive. Sonya has totally lost her kayak, Rob is on his way back.  Jordan is solves the puzzle as Sonya finally retrieves her kayak and Rob arrives with his puzzle pieces. Jordan has won a helicopter ride to explore the islands. He chooses Toma to go with him.
We take a trip back to Comeback Canyon where Bob has two more football players for the week.  He decides to take JJ and Scott on a "hike", more like an uphill run. After their workout, Bob presents them with pictures of what they looked like when they first arrived at The Biggest Loser Ranch (funny how quickly we forget what they looked like at the beginning). Bob tells them they will bury their pictures instead of burning them. Scott rips his picture in half, then buries it saying no more. JJ buries his saying no more lies.  They make their way back down the hill.
Meanwhile, back in Hawaii, we join Jordan and Toma on their helicopter tour and some really beautiful scenery.  We leave them to catch up with Sonya and Woody who Jen has decided will all go scuba diving to overcome their fear of water. She tells them that she also has the fear of water. After a little pep talk, all three are in the water. "Don't let fear weigh you down."
The Weigh-Ins
Comeback Canyon:
Bob explains that the person who loses tonight's weigh-in will be officially eliminated, but will return for the chance to win the At-Home Prize.
Scott  259 to 251 -8
JJ      300 to 292  -8  
JJ has lost the weigh-in and says he can't be upset having lost 100 pounds. Bob tells him he has the opportunity to win the At-Home prize.  He tells us that the next time we see him, he will not be hiding behind all the lies and will be the role model he wanted to be.
Hawaiian Weigh-In:
Our contestants make an entrance... rowing in for the weigh-in. Alison reminds the contestants that tonight they will face the red line and be automatically eliminated.
Toma    235 to 225  -10  4.26%
Lori   240 to 230  -10  4.17%
Woody   304 to 294  -12  3.92%  
Rob     350 to 338  -12  3.43%
Sonya   189 to 183  3.17%  (lost 100 pounds)
Jordan  233 to 227  -6  2.58%
Woody apologizes to Jordan for being so excited at losing over 100 pounds and getting into the 200's. Alison tells Jordan that he has fallen below the red line. Jordan tells her that he didn't come to win the money, he came to get his life back. He says that his son will be born in two weeks and he no longer has the fear that he will be a sideline dad. He says this is not the end of his journey, it is the beginning.
We catch up with JJ. When he arrived on the Biggest Loser Ranch, he weighed 392 pounds, today he weighs 261- a loss of 131 pounds. We find him on the basketball court. JJ's mother lost 35 pounds and quit smoking. She tells us it is because JJ inspired her. We leave him with his little brother, throwing football. JJ hopes to one day coach his brother's football team and win the At-Home Prize. Good Luck, JJ.
Join us for the next episode of The Biggest Loser, Glory Days, Thursdays at 8/7c, only on NBC. Happy Holidays from all of us at TV Grapevine!

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