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Thursday March 30, 2017

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Aloha! Welcome to The Biggest Loser: Glory Days on NBC. Tonight we go Hawaiian in a Biggest Loser first. Meanwhile, JJ goes to Comeback Canyon and has a very emotional moment with Bob Harper. 

Alison Sweeney tells them they will be in Hawaii for two weeks, Biggest Loser style. Jordan talks about how he went to Hawaii for his honeymoon but could not do a lot of things because of his weight. 

Ali says that there is still going to be an elimination this week.

The trainers help everyone work out on the beach using the water and their surroundings. Dolvett can tell there is something off with Rob and is concerned….on a completely shallow note, Dolvett shirtless…wow.

Rob says he feels powerless and Dolvett says there is no control. Dolvett tells him he needs to control the process and he can’t wait to see what’s yet to come.

Challenge time! They need to paddle 1,000 feet, get puzzle pieces, put it together and find out what the winner gets. It is a crazy challenge, but at the end of the day, Jordan wins a helicopter ride tour with another contestant. He chooses to share the prize with Toma.

Meanwhile, back at Comeback Canyon, JJ and Scott go on a hike with Bob and work out in the great outdoors. Bob also shows them pictures of what they looked like back when it all began. They both have a better appreciation of who they are and where they are going.

Toma and Jordan enjoy their tour...and I add this to my bucket list.

Jen, Woody and Sonya go on a boat ride and have a heart to heart. It is very sweet and they symbolize everything by taking a leap of faith into the water.

Comeback Canyon Weigh In:

JJ 300-8=292 lbs

Scott: 259-8=251 lbs

Did they not show the percentages? JJ is going home and promises to be the role model he is meant to be.

Hawaii Weigh In:

Sonya: 189-6=183 lbs/3.17% (she hit her 100 lb milestone!)

Lori: 240-10=230 lbs/4.17%

Toma: 235-10=225 lbs/4.26%

Rob: 350-12=338 lbs/3.43%

Jordan: 233-6=227 lbs/2.58%

Woody: 306-12=294 lbs/ 3.92%(104 lb lost 

Sadly, Jordan will now be leaving. Everyone hugs him as he says goodbye. 

JJ is down 131 lbs. He is proud to be in the best shape of his life and hopes to coach his brother’s football team and win the at-home prize.

Join us next week for more Biggest Loser: Glory Days. Goodnight!

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