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Thursday March 30, 2017

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BY Vic2rea

Welcome to week twelve of NBC's The Biggest Loser, Glory Days, finally back from a three-week hiatus! We start tonight's show as Scott arrives to find Bob waiting for him and revealing that the game is not yet over and then being reunited with Damien. Bob calls this week his very own Superbowl.

Back at the ranch, Alison calls the contestants and their trainers over and congratulates them for making it to week 12. She then suprises them with the announcement that they are in the playoffs and will be playing as singles. She tells them they are now free to train with any of the trainers and reminds them that this week there will be a yellow line.
They head off to the gym where Dolvett, Jesse and Jen give them their first singles workout. JJ's goal this week is to lose 7 pounds and get below 300. Rob talks about wanting to stay above the yellow line as old alliances never die...
The Challenge
Our contestants arrive for their first singles challenge. There are hurdles, lanes and mud pits. Alison announces they will race through their lane, over hurdles, through the mud pit, more hurdles and finally, memorize the 16-color pattern puzzle. They will then return through the course to the starting point and place the colors, in correct order, on their peg boards.  The winner will have immunity. Lori has a stress fracture in her foot, will be able to compete, but cannot run.  Alison calls go. They hit the hurdles and then the mud, another hurdle and finally to the color puzzle. Woody and Jordan are first to go back and try to guess the puzzle.  They are incorrect. Lori is up, she is incorrect, as is Sonya. Rob tries his first time and is incorrect. Sonya is on her third try. They have a problem because some of the colors are very much alike.  Lori tries again, matches all 16 colors and wins immunity.
We return to Comeback Canyon where Bob is having a good time with two former NFL players. Neither of the guys want to lose to the other as they are both very competitive. Damien wants to be the first to win three weigh-ins in a row.
Back at the ranch, the trainers take each of the contestants to watch a video from home. Rob's rugby team, Sonya's group she coaches, Lori's Olympic coach as well as her former teammate. Lots of tear and smiles as their friends show their support. Dolvett spends a little time with Toma on the soccer field.
Alison takes us on a trip into the past to visit with Antoine and Alexandra. Antoine has maintained his weight, Alexandra has lost an addition 30 pounds. They talk about using the Garmin Vivofit and have begun taking dance lessons.
The Weigh-Ins
Comeback Canyon:
Bob explains that the person who loses tonight's weigh-in will be officially eliminated, but will return for the chance to win the At-Home Prize.
Scott  268 to 259  -9  3.36%
Damien  295 to 293  -2  0.68%
Damien says he hates to lose, but if he must lose, he is happy it was Scott, because he really pushed him this week. Bob tells him he has come so far and is very sad to tell him he is not the winner of the weigh-in and has been eliminated. He tells Scott that they are only a few weeks away from returning to the ranch and he could have a chance to be a finalist. Damien tells us the next time we see him, his glory days won't be the past, he will be living them!
Biggest Loser Ranch:
Alison reminds the contestants that Lori has immunity (as long as she didn't gain weight) and there is a yellow line.
Lori   243 to 240  -3 (immunity)
Toma    247 to 235  -11  4.47%  (has lost 101 pounds!)
Rob     365 to 350  -15  4.11%  (has lost 133 pounds!)
Sonya    197 to 189  -8  4.06%  
Jordan 242 to 233  -9  3.72%
Woody  315 to 304  -9  2.86%  
JJ      306 to 300  -6   1.96%    
Alison announces that Woody and JJ have fallen below the yellow line and will meet them in the Elimination Room, where one of them will go home.
The Elimination
Toma votes JJ
Jordan votes JJ
Sonya tearfully votes JJ
We won't see the other votes as three is enough. Both Woody and JJ hug in tears. JJ says the votes went the way they should have, that Woody was not ready to go home and he has had the most amazing opportunity in his entire life. Alison tells them JJ is not the only one leaving tonight... heavy sighs all around... she then tells them they are going to Hawaii!
JJ has been eliminated and will be heading to Comeback Canyon. We watch as he arrives to be greeted by Bob.
We catch up with Damien. When he started the Biggest Loser, he weighed 388 pounds, today, he weighs 281 pounds, 171 pound loss! He talks about how he didn't love himself and is now working as a NFL analyst (and he looks good!!). We leave him playing football with his wife and kids. Damien plans to run a 5K with his family and educate former athletes on how to stay healthy.  Good job, Damien!
Next Week: FINAL SIX PLAYERS TAKE DREAM TRIP TO HAWAII --In the first of two special Hawaii episodes, the remaining six contestants are off on the adventure of a lifetime to the breathtaking island of Kauai. There they’ll continue the competition and do everything they can to avoid falling below this week’s red line. They start their trip at the scenic Waimea Canyon State Park before the trainers put them through an intense workout at Polihale Beach. Then, in a Hawaii-style challenge, they all hop into kayaks and paddle out in the ocean to retrieve a bag of puzzle pieces. The finished puzzle reveals the prize for the winner – an incredible, private helicopter tour of Kauai. Later, one trainer and a contestant face their fears together about the open water and try snorkeling, before all the contestants arrive at the beach weigh-in in outrigger canoes to determine who is going home – and who gets to stay in paradise for another week!
Join us for the next episode of The Biggest Loser, Glory Days Thursday, December 18, 2014 at 8/7c, only on NBC.

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