The Biggest Loser
Thursday March 30, 2017

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Hello and welcome to The Biggest Loser:Glory Days on NBC. Tonight, our contestants will continue to compete for a chance to win the title of Biggest Loser and half a million dollars. Scott and Damien are at Comeback Canyon training with Bob.

At the ranch, everyone is at singles, so there are no more teams.

Lori is team gold.

JJ is team maroon.

Woody is team aqua.

Rob is team green. 

Sonya is team purple. 

Toma is team orange.

Jordan is team gray.

Everyone finds out they are free to work with any of the trainers. It is off to the gym for the next workout, where they are pushed to their limits. The trainers talk to everyone and make sure they are focused on their end goal.

Challenge time. They have to do a track and field obstacle course and solve a puzzle for immunity. Lori cannot run due to a stress fracture. However, she solves the puzzle and wins immunity. 

Meanwhile, Bob, Damien and Scott do a special Superbowl football workout at Comeback Canyon. 

At the ranch, everyone is surprised with videos from loved ones and former teammates. These videos always make me cry because they are so heartfelt. 

Toma and Dolvett play soccer and then we get an update on Antoine and Alexandra from season 8.  They maintained their weight and stay active through dancing. They both look fantastic and I am proud of them for staying so healthy. 

Scott: 268-9=259 lbs/3.36%

Damien: 295-2=293 lbs/0.68%

Damien is going home. Bob is proud of how far he has come in such a short amount of time. 

Ranch Weigh In:

Lori: 243-3=240 lbs—IMMUNITY

Woody: 315-9=306 lbs/2.86%

JJ: 306-6=300 lbs/1.96%

Sonya: 197-8=189 lbs/4.06%

Jordan: 242-9=233 lbs/3.72%

Toma: 246-11=235 lbs/4.47%

Rob: 365-15=350 lbs/4.11%

This means Woody and JJ are below the yellow line. Everyone will vote for who they want to send home. 

Toma: JJ

Jordan: JJ

Sonya: JJ

Everyone is in tears as JJ says goodbye. Ali says that he is not the only one leaving….they will all be heading to Hawaii. 

Bob greets JJ and says it isn’t over.

Damien now weighs 281 lbs and is 107 lbs lighter. He is working as a football analyst and loving his job. Everyone is very proud of all he has accomplished. His family is also more active and they plan to run a 5K together. He also plans to educate athletes on living a healthy lifestyle.

The show ends with a tribute to season seven contestant Damien, who died last month. We send our condolences to his family.

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