America's Got Talent
Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to America's Got Talent on NBC. Tonight twelve more acts will perform for a chance to be in the semi-finals. With less than a month until the live finale, it is anyone's guess as to what will happen. 

Host Nick Cannon introduces judges Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howard Stern. After Howard compares tonight's pressure to the pressure Nick felt on his wedding night with Mariah Carey, we get down to business.

Act: Bad Boys Of Ballet

Talent: Dance

Commentary: I like how it fuses different types of dances to make ballet seem more modern. It is like the DWTS dance troupe meets Step It Up with a dash of ballet. I love it. 

Mel B: The energy was through the roof and they were stunning.

Howie: The gushes over how good it is, but it needed more bad to be good….or something? I am confused. 

Heidi: They inspired her little ballerinas.

Howard: They are wonderful dancers, but it looked more like an aerobics class or like they were waiting for a lead singer to arrive. 

Act: One Voice Children's Choir

Talent: Singing

Commentary: They sing Let It Go from Frozen. They all look so cute. There is no denying they have talent, but it seemed as if the lead singer was getting drowned out. It was hard to focus because I wasn't sure to focus on her or the entire group.

Howard: He likes that they call him their Savior, but isn't sure this performance was enough.

Howie: He understands what is going on in Howard's head by watching them.

Heidi: They did a great job.

Mel B: She was also singing this today. She says they did a great job and stepped it up a notch. 

 {sidebar id=8}Act: Jonah Smith

Talent: Singing

Commentary: He is incredible. I love how being on this show allows him to have his dream, but I also love how he still has his day job in order to support his family. 

Howard: He always remembers his performances because he is the real deal. 

Heidi: She sings to him, saying she wants him to stay.

Mel B: She can tell he is feeling the pressure.

Howie: He is in the number one position so far. He is in good hands with AGT.

Act: Dom The Bomb's Triple Threat

Talent: Variety

Commentary: It's like Guy's Grocery Games meets Jerry Springer. They look like they are having fun, which is the most important part.

Heidi: This is fun, but encourages bad behavior. She is just glad they weren't throwing knives.

Mel B: They are adorable, but they need to make it smaller.

Howie: They need to add the missing into the act. He loved it.

Howard: This act has seen its better days. 

Act: Extreme

Talent: Dance

Commentary: They are the best act of the night so far. The dancing is crisp, clean and in sync. It brought up the energy in the house and I loved every minute.

Heidi: She loved it.

Mel B: It was very dated.

Howie: He sensed more passion and the youngest girl was a star.

Howard: They are good technical dancers, but worries about them being forgettable. 

Act: Emil and Dariel

Talent: Cello 

Commentary: WOW. They remind me of Nuttin' But Strings with a twist. They are really bringing awareness to how incredible cello music can be!

Howie: There is always room for cello.

Howard: They are memorable and fun. He wants their grandfather to perform with them next!

Howie: They are rock and roll cellists and they need to give Mick Jagger a call.

Mel B: They were off the chain.

Act: Nina Burri

Talent: Contortionist

Commentary: That was beautiful! I don't know what else to say, except I want to move like that. 

Howard: She is motivating others with this.

Heidi: She loves it. 

Mel B: It is mesmerizing.

Howie: It was sexy.

Act: Quintavious Johnson

Talent: Singing

Commentary: Holy cow! He really set the bar for everyone else tonight. He is incredible. 

Heidi: Powerful and perfect.

Mel B: We just saw his gift.

Howie: What is he going to do with a million dollars?

Howard: He has a great presence and smile that woke the crowd up. 

Act: Mothmen Dance

Talent: Dance

Commentary: if the Spiderman ride in Universal collaborated with Kenichi from last year, your would have this act. It is by FAR my favorite of the night--or maybe the season.

Mel B: She loves them, but wanted more.

Howie: He loved it!

Howard: It was fun, excited and different. 

Heidi: This is clever and it reminds her of a comic book come to life.

Act: Smoothini

Talent: Magic

Commentary: Mel B. and Howie are on the stage. The most incredible part is how he moves the seal on a REAL $100 bill. He also makes a fish appear in a glass of water. 

Heidi: she is unsure of what to make of tonight's act. 

Mel B: He did great. 

Howie: He can't figure it out, but it was amazing.

Howard: It was all very peculiar to him and just a mess. 

Act: Jonatan Riquelme

Talent: Danger

Commentary: I was terrified watching this because it is so dangerous. Between the balancing, the wobbling and adrenaline, I was so afraid something was going to happen. However, it was so amazing to watch and something I want to see in Vegas. 

Mel B: He is what this show is about.

Heidi: She was nervous for gym but it was fabulous.

Howard: He keeps them engaged. 

Howie: He gushed over how much he loved it.

Act: Kelli Glover

Talent: Singer

Commentary: What a way to end the night! Win or lose, she is going to have something special in the world of music!

Heidi: Flawless and she has her vote!

Mel B: She needs more confidence because she is a killer singer and truly amazing.

Howard: He worries about her and tells her to relax.

Howie: She taught us all to never give up.

Join us tomorrow for the AGT results show. Goodnight!

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