America's Got Talent
Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to America's Got Talent The Results Show on NBC. Tonight, five acts will move on to the semi-finals. After an incredible night of performances, it is anyone's guess as to who will stay and who will say goodbye to their dream of winning the show. 

We will also see Taylor Williamson and Kenichi perform. 

After a recap of last night's performances, we get down to business. 

Cornell Bhangra and Sons of Serendip are called to the stage first. I am so upset because these were two of my favorites from last night. HOW can they be put up against each other?

Sons of Serendip are onto the next round. Mel B. is happy for them and says they did a great job.

Blue Journey, Kieran and Finian Makepeace and Dragon House The Agents are the next to find out their fate. America has voted. The next act in the semi-finals is…..Blue Journey. Heidi is thrilled. 

After an Ask The Judges segment, Paul Ieti and Anna Celndeing are called to the stage. Paul makes it to the next round and gets a big hug from Anna. His emotion makes me want to cry, I am so happy for him. Howie says he is a hero, as is Anna.

After a hilarious segment with Taylor Williamson and Heidi Klum's romance, we get to Kenichi's performance. It is every bit as good as I remember. He is also coming out with an app to allow people to do the same thing. 

Back to our results. Christian Stoinev and Wendy Leibman are called to the stage next. The act in the semi finals is……Christian Stoinev. This is Howard's favorite act of the night. He is thrilled, but says he'll miss Wendy. 

Acro Army, Adrian Romoff and Mike Super are called to the stage next. Adrian is going home, but Nick tells him he is going to do something big. What a classy man! Nick, I love you even more now!!! I love how he got the crowd to cheer for him. 

Now it time for the judges to choose the last act for the semi-finals.

Heidi chooses Acro Army.

Howie chooses....I miss it?

Mel chooses Acro Army.

Howard chooses Acro Army. 

Five more acts are in the semi finals. Join us next week for more America's Got Talent. Goodnight.

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