America's Got Talent
Thursday April 27, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to America's Got Talent on NBC. Tonight, twelve more acts perform for a chance to make it into the semi-finals. The talent is hotter than ever, so our judges will have a hard job on their hands. Let's get this party started!

Before we begin, Howie Mandel gives a sweet tribute to Robin Williams.

Act: Dragon House The Agents

Talent: Dance

Commentary: This is one of my favorite acts from the audition rounds. While I do like their dancing tonight, I find the back up dancers very distracting. I find myself looking more at them than the actual act!

Mel B: She is a huge fan and can see herself at one of their shows. 

Howie: They were great!

Howard: They are great at what they do, but it is getting a bit similar.

Heidi: She likes it, but wants more surprises.

Act: Anna Clendening

Talent: Singing

Commentary: I love this song! (Human by Christina Perri) I feel like it really describes who she is as a person and is really fitting for her journey. She really knocked it out of the park tonight. 

Howie: She is so important and he was moved by her performance.

Heidi: She hopes her journey continues with them.

Howard: He likes her new hair color and while he liked the performance, he didn't feel as much of a connection. 

Mel B: She did well and sang like an angel. 

Act: Cornell Bhangra

Talent: Dance

Commentary: I did not expect the dude from the audience to jump on stage. It reminds me of a hip-hop Bollywood act. It is very unique and fun. I hope we see more of them in the future.

Heidi: It was so much fun and a fusion of Bollywood and hip hop.

Howard: It was exciting and he enjoyed it. 

Mel B: It was off the chain.

Howie: It was exciting and unexpected. He compares them to One Direction. 

Act: Kieran and Finian Makepeace

Talent: Music

Commentary: There is something very relaxing about the beginning and then it goes into a more rock and roll vibe. It is a very different kind of music act and it is interesting how they can make the song their own. 

Heidi: It was anemic and they took the fun out of it. 

Mel B: She likes them and thinks they were very lovely to look at.

Howie: It was good, but the previous act was a tough one to follow.

Howard: They took risks, but not their best. He hopes America votes for them. 

Act: Mike Super (with Desmond)

Talent: Magician

Commentary: The air is charged with 5,000 bolts of electricity. Mel B. goes on stage.  Desmond is now inside her. My mind goes straight to the gutter. She admits she does not believe in Desmond, which Mike says is the wrong answer.

Mike has a Scary Spice doll, which is a voodoo doll. He taps it and Mel B. feels one of them.  He says they have to up the ante. He gets out a lighter and puts fire on the doll's hands. We see that Mel's hands are singed. 

Now he tazes the doll and she feels it….and runs off the stage. 

Mel B: She was unnecessarily tazered.

Howard: He hates Desmond and thinks he can do the act on his own.

Howie: He thinks men can do things to women without being there.

Heidi: She likes it. 

Act: Adrian Romoff

Talent: Music

Commentary: He plays Chopsticks. For some reason, it reminds me of the Pepper Ann episode where she learns how to play piano. I don't know why. This is such an incredible performance. I cannot believe he is so talented and accomplished at NINE!

Howie: He is a phenom. 

Howard: It is remarkable that he is so advanced at nine. He wonders where his life will take him. 

Heidi: Keep doing what you're doing.

Mel B:  (DVR cuts out because of the storm here, so I miss what she says.)

We also miss a few minutes of the next act, which is Acro Army.

Mel B: They are amazing and left her on the edge of her seat.

It was exciting and scary.

 {sidebar id=8}Act: Wendy Liebman

Talent: Comedy

Commentary: She is so cute and relatable. I am happy she has the chance to finally perform like this.

Heidi: It was great!

Mel B: She made them laugh from start to finish.

Howard: Fantastic. 

Howie: It was a home run. 

Act: Sons of Serendip

Talent: Music

Commentary: Winning. That is all i have to say.

Mel B: She loves it!

Howie: It was soothing. 

Howard: Beautiful

Heidi: They took a well known song and made it better. 

Act: Blue Journey

Talent: Dance

Commentary: They literally look like they are flying. It is so mesmerizing to watch. The part with the hands lifting them up just gives it some kind of interesting symbolism….and I realize it is a story of going to heaven. Beautiful.

Heidi: It was sophisticated. 

Mel B: She loved it!

Howie: It is the best dance EVER on the show.

Howard: It is very, very intelligent and they have something special. 

Act: Christian Stoinev

Talent : Hand balancing

Commentary: There is something about a guy and his dog. In all seriousness, this is very cute and fun to watch.It was scary at some points, but I love it.

Mel B: It was brilliant.

Heidi: Her favorite act of the night.

Howard: He says it is his favorite and he loves it.

Howie: America is going to have a tough night voting. 

Act: Paul Ieti

Talent: Singing

Commentary: What a way to end the night. To quote Joey Lawrence: WHOA! Tonight is going to be a tough night in terms of voting.

Heidi: It was heartfelt and a job well done.

Mel B; It was a perfect way to end the night.

Howie: He gave America a very tough decision.

Howard: He liked it, but it may have been a bit too safe? He is one of his favorites. 

Join us tomorrow for the AGT results. Goodnight!

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