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Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Last week on America’s Got Talent, some of the greatest and latest of America’s creative and athletic contestants gave it their all. Some are able to grace America with their talents once again this week. Others were sent home and motivated to work harder at what they do. 

One of the most inspired young talents is 21-year-old Christian Stoinev. Behind his sweet face and washboard abs is a humble and sweet young man taking charge and following his dreams. Christian is best known for hand balancing his way into people’s hearts in spite of all the publicity; Christian has remained humble about his experience; expressing gratitude for this opportunity and his ability to enjoy the journey with Scooby, his loveable Chihuahua/sidekick:

“When I was a young kid, I grew up in the circus. So, when I was seven I tried juggling, when I was eight I tried unicycling. When I was ten, I tried hand balancing. When I first started, I was just hand balancing and Scooby was just my pet and then he kind of just made up this act and it was his idea, it just developed into something that happened and we went along with it and here we are at Radio City Music Hall.” and he’s taking us far and obviously it’s a two man product but to be honest he’s very special to me and he kind of developed this we’re hoping to continue to impress people. 

“For me, the highlight of being here is the support I received from not only my close friends but from extended family members and just fans. You know, I’ve always thought of myself as an athlete and what I do I believe is a sport and when you spend countless hours and days just training and you know what you’re working hard but it’s not necessarily out there, its very rewarding that people can actually see the product and realize and appreciate all the work that you’ve put in and it just kind of happened I didn’t come on the show for that but just the fact that it is happening people are realizing what we are doing and we here doing this interview its very rewarding to feel like your work is being seen by somebody and not just somebody but obviously a large range of audience so it’s very amazing, it’s indescribable, it’s a dreams and like I said just I don’t want to wake up, this is awesome.“

Talented sweetheart Anna Clendening was able to sing her way into the hearts of audiences as well with her sweet yet powerful presence. The ambitious singer is not only loves what she does but has found a way to inspire herself and hopes to inspire others along the way:

“There came a point in time where I was just kinda done playing the victim, and was done feeling sad for myself and then I realized, you know, you’ve got to do something. I didn’t know I would be on stage singing in front of America, that’s a big something, but you know, I decided I needed to do this. That’s the greatest thing about the show, it’s not just about singing on stage, it’s about helping people and spreading a message by doing it for people that I love, it’s a dream come true.“

 {sidebar id=8}Magician Mike Super manages to stay humble as well with his bright and engaging personality. Mike claims that New York’s energy has such “electricity,” but I’d dare to say, he brought some of that with him. Mike stays super charged and confident to perform because of the support he’s gotten from family and friends: 

“ The greatest thing I’ve experienced so far being on show has been the outcry of support from people that I don’t even know. The energy has been amazing here and I’m a red carpet event and never in my life have thought about something like that. It’s unbelievable and you add New York city into that electricity and it’s overwhelming and I’m not even on yet, I’m on next week and I’m already nervous I love it! The most challenging thing for me has been taking a piece of performance art and having to compress it all the way down and trying to keep your personality, amazement, and all that fun stuff so it’s the hardest thing, a New York 90 seconds. “

Song duo Kieran & Flinian chime express that their journey on America’s Got Talent is filled with anything but regrets. The duo have made it clear that music is their life’s passion and are willing to stop at nothing to make their dreams come true. They even ventured to say that in spite of their “go-getter” attitude, they refuse to look at the only contestants as their competition; but instead view them like family. 

“We’ve been doing our act for a long time, we’re brothers and we grew up playing music together with our family with our older brothers and our parents and for this particular inspiration to do America’s Got Talent, we said ‘What The Hell, why don’t we do it’. We were kinda told we should try out, kinda helped. We don’t regret because so far its been a great experience to say the least to take an opportunity, hopefully there’s nothing to regret yet and next week we’ll be better. We are feeling like we’ve got to do as best as we can. My hightling for me is getting to know and watching these people, it’s been such an inspiration to see a variety of acts and see such high talent and as it gets closer to the bigger shows, you really get to see some of the people who are awe-inspiring to us because we do our thing but there’s such a variety. It’s a competition, but it’s not just a competition, we’re a family now and we get to know a variety of acts and nobody’s rooting against anybody there’s a great vibe here. It feels like everyone is supporting each other and hoping the best for each other. If we win, we hope to help his father through his cancer thing and we look to support the organizations that help to make the world a better place. “

Brave soldier and amazing singer manages to demonstrate his shock in both his words and his body language. Expressing the experience as surreal, he’s just thankful that he’s made it this far and landed a spot on the red carpet: 

“I mean, it’s a red carpet. I see this stuff in magazines but it’s a blessing and it’s cool to be here and I’m excited, super excited. I think just being here is great and just meeting different people here. I haven’t had a big moment yet, I think my biggest moment will be the live shows and results but right now I’m just happy to be here and enjoy the moment.”

Animation and popping masters Dragon House “The Agents” have successfully locked their way into America’s heart with their high energy dance performances. Drawing inspiration from Michael Jackson, the crew admits that their desire to dance comes from their curiosity, their need to express themselves and most hilariously, sheer boredom! Needless to say, Dragon House makes boredom look good!

“Different things got each one of us started, I got started because I grew up watching Michael Jackson and different people just dancing. I always wondered “What is he doing?” “Sheer boredom. I was bored out of my mind and wanted to try something new and I fell in love with it. The feeling of freedom and self expression. I also was inspired by Michael Jackson I grew up as a little kid moonwalking around the house and dancing. The audition has been our favorite moment being on the show and the most challenging part has been judgment week. They made it seem like we weren’t going to make it for us to move on and they made it feel like we were gonna go home and they kept reminding us ‘You guys are so talented, don’t ever forget that it was just like Oh, we’re going home. “

The four Sons of Serendip have doo-woped their way into the next round and hope they continue doing so:

“We’ve been drawing our inspiration from our personal experience through life and we love to share our passion with people. We just want to keep moving the judges and hope we can do it one more time.“

Acroarmy is no stranger to the limelight either. Being practically raised into gymnastics and performing, the team states that they’ve been training for this moment their whole lives. Their love for acrobatics runs so deep, that they’ve each made it their life’s goal to stay committed to the sport and the art. 

“Arthur Davis created this whole thing and we are all U.S.A Acrobats so he’s brought the best people that compete right now and then he just created this big old performance. I was born into it because our coach Yuri he got my sister into it and when I was born I just kind of got put into the sport. Same thing, I started regular gymnastics when I was twelve and then he asked me to do this and since then I haven’t stopped. I just wanted to learn a back flip. Arthur also worked with Yuri, that was his original. I personally want to join cirque de soleli. The little girl doesn’t know yet and the guy doesn’t know either. Being able to perform with everybody since we’ve all given so much to be here it’s finally paying off and we’re getting to do something that not everybody else gets to and it’s a blessing.”

9 year old Adrian Romoff is not your typical child prodigy. Sure, he’s brilliant and beyond capable of saying he is smarter than a fifth grader but he has too much heart and genuine kindness to be overlooked as overrated. 

‘All songs have their own inspiration so it’s all-different. I loved playing the piano at FAO shwartz on the floor, I mean I’m no dancer but I am a piano player, I was like Tom Hanks in that movie. If I win, I plan on paying my tuition at Julliard and keep playing the piano.”

Internationally famous Violinist and former America’s Got Talent contestant Lindsey Stirling shares her experience with the show and the path to her passion:

“When I was a little kid, my parents used to take me and my sisters to Orchestral concerts and they play orchestral music in our home and I always saw that the violinist always got the solos so I think as a little girl, I’ve always had center stage syndrome like I always wanted to put on a show, I think that calls for this industry and I always wanted to be on the stage, I wanted to perfrom and that was the  rockstar of the orschestry and I needed to get one of those wooden things so that why I think initially I wanted to play, I wanted those melodies, I wanted to be able to make it. And it just sings in a way that I don’t think any other instrument does, it’s unique to the violin. 

The most inspirational piece of feedback I’ve gotten while I was on the show was the cruelty from Piers Morgan who told me I sounded like drowned rats being strangled and it broke my heart when I heard it. You know to say that’s being humiliated is such an understatement but I remember thinking to myself no one will ever say that to me again and I worked so hard to be able to pick myself up from that humiliation, have the courage to step on the stage again, just I never wanted someone to say that again and just wanted to make sure that didn’t happen.” 

 I can honestly say how amazed I was when I was able to engage in conversation with most of the contestants. They were able to shed some perspective and gave me the incentive to go out and pursue dreams that I once thought were unimaginable. One of the most humble and down to earth groups of people I’ve ever met, I think it’s safe to say that this year’s America’s Got Talent contestants are going to go far in each of their endeavors, regardless of whether or not they make it to the finals. 

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