America's Got Talent
Thursday April 27, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to America's Got Talent on NBC. Tonight, twelve more acts will perform for a chance to make it into the semi-finals. Only five acts will move on so everyone will have to bring their A-Game tonight. Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel and Howard Stern will have their hands full for sure! 

Host Nick Cannon introduces our judges and then we get down to business. 

Contestant: Hart Dance Team 

Talent: Dance

Commentary: I am enchanted by this act. It is gorgeous to look at, incredible choreography and it makes me want to grab my Visa card and buy tickets to see their show. 

Mel B: That was just stunning to watch, entertaining and well done.

Howie: The props are what make this act spectacular to look at.

Howard: They did the same thing as they did the first time in terms of the concept.

Heidi: She did like it, but agrees with Howard. She wants more!

Contestant: Loop Rawlins

Act: Rope Tricks

Commentary: Can I just be shallow for a moment and say how hot he is? Literally and looks wise. This is such a different act and another one I would go see. It is a little bit circus, a little bit rock and roll and a little rodeo. It's amazing! 

Howie: Whips, rope and fire….some people call it a dream act, he calls it s dream act.

Howard: He loves this, but wonders how America will act.

Heidi: She loves it as well. 

Mel B: She enjoyed it, but wonders if he can carry his own show. 

 {sidebar id=8}Contestant: John and Andrew

Talent: Dance

Commentary: That was fun, fast, exciting and just kept my attention from start to finish. They weren't kidding when they said America would be on their feet! I was up and dancing right along with them.

Howard: We forget they are two men dancing together because they were just that good.

Heidi: Technically and visually they are amazing. She loves them.

Mel: They lost her a bit because there was a bit of repetition.

Howie: They were amazing and very brave for doing this. 

Contestant: Livvy, Matt and Sammy

Talent: Music

Commentary: They kind of remind me of an older version of The Wright Kids from season four. They are cute and almost relaxing to listen to. 

Mel B: Something went missing tonight, but it was a nice performance. It was a bit safe.

Heidi: It was kind of lackluster.

Howard: They felt more like an opening act and too safe.

Howie: He believes Livvy is a superstar and they deserve to go through.

Contestant: Andrey 

Talent: Balancing

Commentary: It amazes me that he can move like that. I am a Centergy instructor and can't even do half these moves…and if I tried, I'd be in a knot. I am mesmerized by him…WHOA. Gorgeous to watch and just amazing, especially knowing his story of how he is living his own American Dream.

Mel B: Seemless, gorgeous and she will see it any time.

Howie: Best act of the night, hands down. 

Howard: It is like a John Sargent picture come to life and that is the highest compliment he can give. America must vote for him. 

Heidi: He is fantastic and captivating.  

Contestant: Juan Carlos

Talent: Roller blading

Commentary: Youtube Carson Kressley's Dancing With The Stars finale dance to Vogue, mix in Blades Of Glory and the Big Bang Theory disco skating scene and you got this routine. 

Howie: He makes people smile and he is WIN not JUAN. 

Howard: He took the place of several talented people during judgement week. It was boring.

Heidi: It was entertaining.

Mel B: He is just an entertainer.

Contestant: Mara Justine

Talent: Singing

Commentary: I did not expect her to take on Katy Perry, but I am so happy she did! She gave Unconditional such a unique spin and almost made it into a new song. LOVE IT!

Howard: He enjoyed it and hopes she goes through, but wants her to take it down and have a bit more fun.

Heidi: Her voice is so crazy good.

Mel B: She gained back her confidence tonight.Just be careful of the song choices.

Howie: She rose to the occasion tonight!

Contestant: Aerial Animation

Talent: Aerial

Commentary: I love the drawings in the background. It reminds me of the Take On Me music video with her popping in to perform. It is another act I would pay to go see. It is like nothing I have ever seen.

Heidi: She just loves the concept of the act. It is unique and different.

Mel B: It was really, really good and went from amazing to incredible.

Howie: It is so memorable he knew it picked up where the last act ended.

Howard: She did it and needs to go to the finals. 

Contestant: Jaycob Curlee

Talent: Singing

Commentary: I cannot stop crying as he sings. Between his story, the song (Beneath Your Beautiful) and the emotion in the performance….WOW. I am a blubbering mess. I just want to give him a hug. 

Heidi: He has a sweet voice, but it was underwhelming. 

Howard: He wants more passion in his music. 

Mel B: It was a bit flat--he is better than this.

Howie: He is beautiful. 

Contestant: Mat Franco

Talent: Magic

Commentary: He will predict something about one of the judges using spray paint. He goes to the table and asks Howard if the cards are different. (yes) Heidi chooses one and shows it to the audience. He shows us what he painted, which is the two of diamonds…it is wrong. He puts it on fire and reveals the ten of spades, which is what she has. He says there is no room for mistakes and tells Howie to stand and reach into his left back pocket---where he finds the two of diamonds. Mind you, Howie was just sitting there watching the entire time.

Heidi: It was so good and it blew her mind.

Mel B: How do you do it? He makes magic hot. 

Howie: WOW!

Howard: He makes magic cool.

Contestant: Darik Santos

Talent: Comedy

Commentary: He just seemed so nervous tonight. I just want to hug him.

Mel B: She didn't even laugh once.

Heidi: It just wasn't funny.

Howard: Too much emo, not enough Darik.

Howie: This is the funny guy he wants to see on TV.

Contestant: Acte II

Talent: Opera singing

Commentary: There is something about this show that makes me love opera music. Andrew DeLeon, Neal E. Boyd…and now Acte II. They were the only ones to take a Whitney Houston classic, turn it into opera and make it better than the original.

Heidi: They are spectacular and have to move forward.

Mel B: She had her doubts, but they filled the room with their voices and had everyone on the edge of their seats. 

Howie: It was amazing.

Howard:  It was a bit off tonight.

Join us tomorrow night for the AGT results! Goodnight! 

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