America's Got Talent
Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to America's Got Talent on NBC. Tonight is night one of the live shows at Radio City Music Hall where the first twelve acts will take the stage to perform for out votes. Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Howard Stern and Mel B. judge, Nick Cannon hosts. 

Act: Sean and Luke

Talent: Tap dancers

Commentary: They of course have pretty female back up dancers. They are dressed in button down shirts, bow ties and black pants. They have some sort of boy band music that the kids like these days. I think they are super cute and fun to watch, but the backup dancers are a bit distracting. I also love the choreography, they really are going to make people become more interesting in tapping.

Heidi: A fun performance and great job!

Howard: It was nice, but not memorable. He wants more!

Mel B: What a great way to open the show!

Howie: Youthful, classic and energetic. 

 {sidebar id=8}Act: Valo and Bobby

Talent: Danger/Balancing

Commentary: It reminds me of Cirque du Soleil meets BMX. Holy cow, it is amazing. I have no words for how unique and captivating this act is, I LOVE IT!

Howie: The danger factor is huge--and this is spectacular….especially since they survived.

Howard:They are a strong, beautiful couple and this was a fabulous act!

Heidi: They went big!

Mel B: It was awful because she bust a blood vessel holding her breath from being scared--but it was a good thing. 

Act: Julia Goodwin

Talent: Singing

Commentary: First of all, what a classy, beautiful outfit! She does a more contemporary version of Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls. She nails it! WOW. She makes it her own, but still respects the meaning behind the song--that is very hard to pull off and she did it perfectly. 

Howard: She has a lot of poise for a girl her age, but he worries her voice might not hold up.

Heidi: We are getting a glimpse of what is to come.

Mel B: She looks stunning and her voice is delicate. She wants more!

Howie: She is a beautiful, young talented lady who deserves to work in the music business. She belongs on Broadway.

Act: Baila Conmingo

Talent: Dance

Commentary: It reminds me of a Dancing With The Stars pro or Macy's Stars of Dance routine. Fun, energetic and exciting. What I like the best is how much joy they have when they perform. So fun!

Heidi: They brought the house down and it was so much fun to watch.

Mel B: She gushes over how much she loves them.

Howie: What a night! He makes a joke about feeding them espresso, but loves it.

Howard: It is a big party on stage. He loves how the adults let the kiddos shine. 

Act: David and Leeman

Talent: Magic

Commentary: They begin by taking a selfie with the judges and tweeting it. They hand out envelopes and books to the judges. The judges exchange books and rip out a random page, which is then torn into pieces. They mix up the pieces and put it on top of the book they are holding. Howard picks a number between 1-10. (7)

As they hand Howie the seventh piece, they accidentally hit Mel B's buzzer.

Howie reads the word camera ready from his page. They take back the envelope and say they can predict the future---they go to the screen on stage and reveal the selfie, which not only has the hashtag camera ready, but they are wearing name tags that read camera ready.

Mel B: How do they do it?

Howie: He swears they knew nothing about this…and loves it.

Howard: They are likable, but be careful about adding too much into it.

Heidi: She enjoyed it, but preferred last week's performance. 

Act: The Willis Clan

Talent: Singing

Commentary: They are so cute! They are the Osmonds meet the Partridge family. They are all playing instruments and singing Power Of Love, which makes me think of Back To The Future. I cannot take the cute! I LOVE IT!

Howard: He likes them, but this wasn't their strongest performance.

Howie: He likes this song choice, but thinks they belong in Branson or the Grand Ole' Opry and it is real Americana.

Heidi: They are amazing and they did a great job. 

Mel B: She loves what they stand for, but this stage overwhelmed them. 

Act: Flight Crew Jump Rope

Talent: Jump Rope

Commentary: It reminds me of one of those light up runs they have mixed with an acrobatics routine. This is pure talent. I can't jump rope for anything and this just blows my mind!

Howard: Anything can go wrong with an act like this--but this was perfection.

Heidi: They were entertaining and great.

Mel B: It was off the chain.

Howie: They really stepped it up tonight. 

Act: Jasmine Flowers

Talent: Dance

Commentary: WOW. This is so gorgeous to watch and so flawless. It reminds me of something I'd see at Epcot.

Heidi: It is beautiful.

Mel B: She gets lost in their performances. She is interested in how America will react to them.

Howie: They are great.

Howard: He respects what they do, but not sure about the reaction. 

Act: Emily West

Talent: Singing

Commentary: Hello, Broadway, recording contract and music career explosion.

Mel B: She made the song her own and sounded incredible. WOWZER!

Howie: Best act of the night so far.

Howard: This is why he loves being a judge.

Heidi: She loved it!

Act: JD Anderson

Talent: Danger

Commentary: Holy crap! I have no words….how he can do this and still be alive is beyond me. The fire, breaking things….the drama…WOW. I am speechless.

Howard: He loves him, loves him, loves him and this is the kind of act he wants to see. 

Mel B: She makes sure he is ok and says it was great.

Howie: He is amazed by the entire act.

Heidi: He is nutty, but she loves it. 

Act: Dan Naturman

Talent: Comedian

Commentary: He jokes about making babies, Canada, health care, medicine commercials and  doctors. it is funny and I want to hear more.

Mel B: She really liked it.

Heidi: She was back and forth in how she felt, but she thinks he is funny.

Howie: He is on his way to a brand new TV.

Howard: He is a pro who nailed it. 

Act: Miguel Dakota

Talent: Singing

Commentary: What a way to end the evening. He has such a unique voice and the band in the background is a nice touch, he has rock star written all over him.

Heidi: Choosing Come Together by The Beatles was a smart choice.

Mel B: That was a hot performance and great song choice.

Howie: This was a million dollar performance.

Howard: He wants more and for him to find his identity. He does like him though! 

Join us tomorrow for the AGT results. Goodnight! 

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