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Thursday April 27, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to America's Got Talent on NBC. Tonight is part two of Judgment Week and we will finally meet the remaining members of the Top 48.

First up are the children's acts. 

Adrian Romoff , who is the child prodigy performs an amazing piano piece. He reminds me of the live version of Schroder from Peanuts. LOVE IT. 

We also see Byamba's Contortion Girls, Carter and Anika, Kaycee and Gabe give their second performances. The pressure is higher than ever and there are a lot of mistakes and obvious nerves as people perform. 

Next up are the music acts. 

The Willis Clan sings a remixed version of Fireflies I cannot stop smiling! They are so cute! Howard says they are the cutest darn act ever. 

Beach Avenue and  Kieran and Finian Makepeace both perform original songs. 

Jonah Smith is set to perform, but his drummer backs out, so he is scrambling to find a last minute replacement. They put him to the end and allow the other acts to perform. Livvy, Matt and Sammy are among the acts, as well as another fabulous group (I miss the name) who sing I Can't Make You Love Me. THEY best be making it through--or I will not be happy. 

Jonah gets a replacement drummer!  They do well for such a last minute change and scramble. WOW!

Now it is time for the variety acts, which include Dustin's Dojo, Bob Markworth and Mayana, Top Hogs and the Hudson brothers. 

We also see a jumprope act that is nothing short of amazing. 

The male singers perform next. This group includes Frank Dimitri, Jacob Curlee (who makes me sob like a baby from the moment he opens his mouth!), Justin Rhodes and US Marine Sal Gonzalez, who makes me cry with his story of being attacked, losing a fellow Marine and coming to terms with everything. 

Miguel Dakota also performs and leaves us wanting more. 

Paul Ieti is another solider who is here to make his dream come true. I had no idea he hadn't seen his parents in so long. I wish they would surprise him backstage. He is the highlight of the night in terms of performances.  They send him right to Radio City. 

{sidebar id=8}The dance crews perform next. We have the Bad Boys of Ballet, Baila Conmingo, Tic and Tac Entertainment and Jasmine Flowers. 

Baila Conmingo must now face the judges. They are off to Radio City. 

AcroArmy (who was on season one) is back for another shot at the title. We also see the XPogo Stick Team perform, followed by Richard and Ashlee. 

We are now at the acrobatic acts. Christian Stoinev is up first and does some incredible balancing act--shirtless--with a dog. It is actually adorable! I love it! 

Now that all the acts performed, it is time for the judges to deliberate. 

Frank Dimitri was sent home,  along with Sal Gonzalez and Justin Rhodes. 

We also see several other acts going home….but it goes so fast! I hate when it does that because it just confuses me. The only one I can confirm is Bob and Mayana. 

Dustin's Dojo is sent home.

The 93 year old car puller is sent home. 

Joe the comedian is sent home.

Julia Goodwin, Ballet Jasmine, Emily West, Dan Naturman, The Willis Clan, Sean and Luke, J.D. Anderson, David & Leeman, Anna Clendening, Kelli Glover, Mat Franco, The Dragon House, AcroArmy, Darik Santos, Sons of Serendip, Wendy Liebman, Livy, Matt, and Sammy, Christian Stoinev, Flight Crew Jump Rope, Loop Rawlins, Juan Carlos and Adrian Romonoff all are off to Radio City. (Thank you Have U Heard for the confirmation) 

Next week's performers:
miguel Dakota
Flight Crew Jump Rope
Julia Goodwin
Jasmine Flowers
Emily West
Dan naturman
The Willis Clan 
Sean and  Luke 
Baila Conmingo
JD Anderson
Valo and Bobby
David and Leeman. 

Congratulations and good luck to all! Goodnight. 

America's Got Talent Judgement

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