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Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello and welcome to Judgment Week on America's Got Talent on NBC. We are at Radio City Music Hall to see who made it to the live shows this season. Some of them have already made it there….let's take a look.

This year, the judges and Nick Cannon visit them in person to let them know they are already made it straight through to Radio City.

Howie Mandel surprises Blue Journey with the good news. He tries to throw them off by saying they didn't make it to Judgment Week….but then tells them they already made it to the live shows. 

Heidi Klum surprises David and Leeman, Mel B. surprises Hart Dance Team, Howie surprises Dom The Bomb's Triple Threat (although he takes FOREVER to get the news out!) and Howard Stern surprises Jonatan Riquelme.  

Dan Naturman is surprised at his own show by Nick  with the same good news. 

Acte II also made the cut, as did Emil and Dariel. 

As for everyone else--well, they have to impress the judges one last time before finding out their fate.

The magic acts are the first to perform. 

Mike Super is up first. If you recall, he is the one with the imaginary friend named Desmond who appeared and broke a pitcher Heidi was holding.

 This time, he has Howie stare at a piece of chalk in a box while thinking of a person he has an emotional connection with. Nick names a random number. Desmond writes some random numbers. He then says he was thinking of someone named Steve, which is written on the chalkboard Mike is holding. The numbers represent the judges' birthdays, which add to 23. 

Psycho Jack tries to do a sawing act, but messes up. He is sent home. 

Franklin Saint does an act where he shrinks a water bottle using mind control and closes an open, bent soda can and then reopens it to pour the soda the same way. THIS is an act I'd pay to see.

Mat Franco does another card trick. This time, he shows a shuffled deck a cards and then has Mel B. pick on as he shuffles them again. He then has HOWIE find the card. As he puts the cards on the table, it is a picture of Howie, holding the seven of hearts--which was Mel B.'s card.

We then get to the dance acts. Sean and Luke are up first. This time, they do a tap act to New York, New York that goes into a remix routine. I definitely see them on Macy's Stars Of Dance on Dancing With The Stars.

 {sidebar id=8}Solto the body popper does some twists and turns that are quite impressive. 

The Agents do another Men In Black body popping routine that is so flawless and in sync. 

John and Andrew do their salsa routine and it is another one I would love to see on DWTS. They also make it to Radio City. 

The kid acts are up next. Quintavious Johnson performs a Michael Jackson hit and WOW. I have no words about how GOOD he is….holy guacamole. 

Grace Ann Gregorio is adorable and her voice is just so mature for her age. 

Mara Justine channels Whitney Houston and it is surprising to hear such a powerful voice come out of someone so tiny. She was very obviously nervous though and it made her voice shake a bit, but overall, she did well. 

The judges have Nick bring Mara out to see them. Howard tells her that not everyone can make it through--but she is going to Radio City. 

Julia Goodwin
performs, and then we get to the comedians. 

Darik Santos is funny, but he is very nervous. 

Wendy Liebman is sweet and relatable. 

Joe Matarese still reminds me of Tom Cotter 2.0. 

Next up are the variety acts. Juan Carlo does a roller blading routine to Hey, Big Spender. It reminds me of Blades of Glory gone Broadway.

John Narum does a yo yo act, Loop Rawlins does a fire cowboy act (my favorite so far) and Mighty Atom Jr. pulls a car with his teeth. With the judges inside. At 93 years old. I am in awe of him. 

JD Anderson destroys a bunch of things using his superhuman strength. He actually got a cut in the back of his head, which needs to be checked out. 

We move on to to the female singers. Emily West kicks things of with a Roy Orbson hit. She is definitely going to be one to watch. She has the voice, the look and spirit to make it far. 

Carly Jo Jackson sings Somebody That You Used To Know and is hoping this is her way to move on from singing in coffee shops. She is adorable and kind of reminds me of a Taylor Swift type.

Anna Clendening gets overwhelmed, but realizes she can use this as a platform to help others with her anxiety disorder. Howie encourages her to perform and gives her a beautiful speech about how proud everyone is of her. Despite the fact she was crying, she does a very good job. I am proud of her going out there and giving it a try! You go, girl!

As an aside, I love how the girls are encouraging her and giving her support. Actually, the way they all support each other is amazing. 

Kelly Glover returns for her second chance to make it to the live rounds. She is PHENOMENAL! WOW! 

Join us tomorrow night for the reveal of our top 48! Goodnight. 

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