America's Got Talent
Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to America's Got Talent on NBC. Tonight, we get a look at the best of the best of the auditions as we begin journey on the road to Radio City. With the talent hotter than ever, it is going to be a tough decision as to who will make it to New York City. 

We start off by taking a look at some of the favorite auditions, which includes Smoothini the Magician, Emil and Dariel the cello players, ballroom/shadow dancers Blue Journey and Miguel Dakota. I have to say that watching them for a second time is even more impressive, particularly the cello players and Smoothini. I think they are going to be the ones to watch. 

We get a montage of children's acts that are now competing for  a chance to go to Radio City. I like this particular segment because they show ones that didn't get much attention during the initial rounds, such as the Rubix Cube kid. However, I am  happy to see the Willis Clan again because they are just so cute! All these kids have so much talent, and to see it so developed at such a young age is just incredible. 

After we get a series of the best Nick Cannon moments, (including his infamous mime audition where Howie hid behind Mel B.) we get to the animal acts. I am lucky my dogs listen to me when I tell them to get off the couch, let alone go through a bloody hula hoop….that goes double for my cats! 

The next segment shows some of the worst auditions of the season. My favorite part is when they try to buzz an act channeling Black Eyed Peas, but it turns out they aren't working because Mel B. accidentally unplugged it to charge her phone. 

Howard Stern attempting to twerk is the best moment of this so far. Howie Mandel walking in heels is a close second. 

 {sidebar id=8}More favorite auditions, including two gentlemen teaching Howie and Howard how to dance. This brings their bromance to a whole new level. 

Why, oh, WHY did we get rid of the male strippers? WHY?  At least they were nice enough to include Howie in their act?

We get a look at the danger acts….and wonder…..did they ever do a clip show like this before? If  I recall correctly, we usually get the Vegas auditions? Back on topic, these danger acts scare the bejeezus out of me, but are so incredible to watch. 

More montages of some crazy acts, including some boy band, the 93-year-old who pulls cars with his teeth,  the stripping opera singer and the singing adult baby….and then we get to the judges joining in on the acts. 

Throughout it all, the judges are sharing their favorite memories and moments from watching the acts. 

I forgot some dude stole Heidi Klum's bra. Um, at least he didn't announce her size to all of America?

The next montage is of people overcoming things, getting their last chance to perform and making their dreams come true. Naturally, it is done to Story Of My Life by One Direction. I actually really love this song and it is quite fitting for the segment. I barely remember who was on it because the segment made me cry so much. I completely lose it when we see Jaycob Curlee's segment. He is the gentleman who was in foster care and eventually adopted, along with his sister. 

Join us next week for Judgement Week. Wait….what happened to Vegas? Did we just skip over to Radio City Judgment Week? I am so confused. Anyway, we will be here covering this next week. Goodnight. 

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