America's Got Talent
Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to America's Got Talent on NBC. Tonight is the last night of auditions, meaning we are one step closer to Vegas--and the live shows at Radio City Music Hall. Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Howard Stern and Mel B. have one last chance to find America's hottest talent. Nick Cannon hosts.

The first act is a magician names Rogue. He does his magic based on women's intuition. Mel B. is his gorgeous assistant. The trick involved multiple staple guns in a bag and then the guns are held to his head. She must use her intuition to prove it is empty. She is terrified. It is intense, confusing and captivating all at the same time. 

Mel B: She had no words.

Howie: The fact that he left Mel B speechless is magic in itself. He loved it.

Heidi: Fantastic.

Howard: He wants more!

 {sidebar id=8}He is off to Vegas. 

We get more acts that make it to Vegas….and some who don't. 

The Hudson Brothers  (Emmanuel and Phillip) do some act about ratchet females….dressed as women. I am at a loss for words. 

Howard: It was fun and games, but not a million dollar act. 

Mel B: She loved it!

Howie: They are funny, original and polarizing. 

Howie uses the Golden Buzzer Save to put them through to Vegas. Okay then!

After another montage, we get to Loop Rawlins, who is a cowboy in a leather vest. Oh, my gosh, he is gorgeous….wow. Where have all the cowboys gone?  He does some impressive lasso tricks….and then does it again--with the lasso on fire. 

Heidi: It was fantastic.

Mel B: She loved it.

Howie: Great and unexpected.

Howard: It was unique.

Four yesses=VEGAS.

Beach Avenue,
which consists of three men ranging from late twenties to early thirties, play an original song. They are good looking, charming, talented and have such a sweet disposition. I really like them. 

Mel B: The package is already there. She loved it.

Heidi: She loved the sound of their voices and thinks it would be a radio hit we would all be singing.

Howard: He loved it.

Howie: He isn't always sure about original music, but he loved this.

They are off to Vegas. 

We see another musical act go through and then we get to stand-up comedian Joe Matarese. He jokes about age, empty bars, softball, parenthood, pretending to care in parental situations, and other things that had me on the floor laughing. He is Tom Cotter 2.0. LOVE him. 

Howard: He quips that he is showing his kid life sucks at an early age. He is so good it is inspiring. 

Howie: He is amazing.

Mel B: He is bloody funny.

Four yeses send him to Vegas. 

Military vet turned Wounded Warrior Project worker Sal Gonzalez talks about serving in the military and being injured. He lost his leg as a result. Thank you for your service. He uses music as a form of therapy.

He sings Ain't No Sunshine.  I just want to cry listening to him. WOW. Not only is great, but his positive energy and spirit just move me. 

The judges all love it (Howard Stern is almost in tears) and send him straight to Vegas.

Joe the Birdman and Tika the parrot are up next. It is a cute act and I think it is fascinating how people can have such dedication when it comes to training animals. The best part is when Tika starts singing Happy Birthday to Mel B.

They are off to Vegas.

We get another montage of acts who go to Vegas. It happens to be Mel B.'s birthday, so everyone wishing her a good one is a theme for this segment. 

Next up is a Men In Black popping-contortionist act. It is so different and so unexpected that I am thrilled to say they are off to Vegas. 

Kelli Glover returns for another shot at being on the show. She made it to the Vegas rounds in 2009 before getting cut. She is now back after five years for another shot. Her voice is incredible. She is up there with Whitney, Mariah and Celine with that voice. Vegas, meet your new diva. 

Mel B: How could she have been cut? She is incredible.

Howie: Amazing and she is just a dream. This is a moment they are waiting for.

Howard: She makes a real connection with the audience and has a gift.

Heidi: Her hair was standing up. 

She is off to Vegas. 
Darick Santos is a comedian who reminds me of Taylor Williamson. He is funny, but it is obvious he is nervous. I love his puns and one liners though. 

Howard: He isn't sure how America will react, but he wants him to go through.

Heidi: It wasn't her cup of tea.

Howie: He reminds him of a younger version of himself.

Mel B: She enjoyed it. 

He is off to Vegas.

Kaylin Baker does a Lady Gaga karaoke performance that gets Howard and Heidi dancing, but everyone else going WTF. She is sent home. 

We get another montage of rejected acts before we get to our last act of the night, eighty-four year old Ray Jessel. He actually only began performing at age seventy-two. He sings an original song about a special woman….with a penis. I had no clue he was going to be so entertaining. WOW.

Heidi: She wants to know if the song was based on actual events. (it happened to a friend of his) She knows her kids are going to sing this later on today.

Howard: He is a breath of fresh air.

Mel B: He is a naughty, funny, dirty old man. She loved it.

Howie: He is funny, witty and personable.

He is off to Vegas. 

Join us next week for America's Got Talent--VEGAS WEEK. Goodnight.

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