America's Got Talent
Saturday March 25, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to America's Got Talent on NBC. Tonight is a special two-hour event with more auditions that will blow our minds. Who will make it to Vegas? Let's find out!

The first act is the Psychic Divas of New York. They predict Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey will have another baby, Heidi has a hidden talent, Mel B. will have another baby and a bunch of other things that just get them booed and buzzed off the stage. The only funny part is when they predict that Mel B. will get her boobs done and Howie makes some, er, interesting comments.

They are sent home.

To be honest, the first thing I thought of when they said Psychic Sisters was that old Sweet Valley Twins book. Anyone else remember that series?

Next up is Mike Super the mystifier. He brings Heidi on the stage and makes it clear none of this was prearranged, nor is anything trick items. We also meet his imaginary friend Desmond, whose power plays a role in Heidi holding the pitcher. Nothing happens the first time, but the second time, the pitcher explodes. WOW.

Howard: Remarkable.
Heidi: She doesn't know how he did it.
Mel B: It was done in a really good way.
Howie: It was different and crazy.

He is off to Vegas!

Valo and Bobby do a danger acrobatics act that has me wondering if someone is going to get hurt. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time….WOW.

Howard: Sensational job, very good.
Heidi: She was a bit worried at first with all the wobbling.
Mel B: Brilliantly dangerous and what they were looking for.
Howie: Is this his first wife?

They are off to Vegas.

We get more acts who make it to the next round and then we get to Mara Justine, who is one of the most powerful powerhouse singers I have ever heard in my life…and she is so young too! I am in shock, I have never heard anyone this young have this much talent. She is in it to win it and then go on to have an amazing career!

Howard: This was the show's WOW moment.
Heidi: Incredible.
Mel B: She raised the bar so high--crazy!
Howie: Her life is never going to be the same.

She is off to Vegas!

 {sidebar id=8}Juan Carlos (I almost typed Juan Pablo for some reason) is dressed in an odd red superhero outfit. He does some rollerblading dance that makes me laugh and scratch my head. It is a mixed bag, but he is sent to Vegas.

Nina the contortionist leaves me with my mind blown and jaw on the floor with those twisty moves. How the hell she did this is beyond me…I am in school to teach yoga and Pilates and still can't move like that!

Howard: It is some of the best he has seen since being a judge on the show.
Heidi: She loved it!
Howie: it was only missing bones.

She is off to Vegas!

We see some more similar acts make it to Vegas and then we get to cello players Emil and Dariel. They remind me of Nuttin' But  Stringz on steroids. I love every single moment of this performance. They are very much deserving of that standing ovation.

: She has never seen anything like this.
Howard: He loves the element of surprise. They are the coolest guys on the block.
Mel B: Incredible, thank you for auditioning!
Howie: They took something old and made it new.

They are off to Vegas!

One Voice Children's Choir is next and I am in love--WOW. Seeing talent like this from people so young just melts my heart. I have so much respect for them and the dedication they put into this.

Howard: There were 50 WOW moments.
Heidi: She loved it.
Mel B: She didn't like it until halfway through the performance.
Howie: He agrees with Mel B.

They are off to Vegas!

Next Up we have Arlo Peregrin do a trick with tarantulas. Considering I am allergic to all thing spiders, this gives me anxiety---he is sent home.

We have a montage of animal related acts that are rejected.

We then get to father and son danger act Grennan and the Green Monster. I am again left with my jaw on the floor. I cannot even describe it because it is that amazing--but it kind of disturbs me that he wants to throw knives at his sister.

He is off to Vegas.

Rock Hard Revue is like Magic Mike on steroids…..whoa…..oh, my damn….I picked the wrong day to miss the auditions. Um, yeah….that was hot……Howie took his shirt off too….can they just win? WOW…..HOT MEN SHIRTLESS….Mel B and Heidi are acting like the fan girls I am in my own kitchen as I recap this….WOW.

Mel B: Out of sync, but shirtless, so who cares?
Howie: He didn't love it.
Heidi: She didn't mind it.
Howard: He didn't get it.

They are sent home….and I am disappointed. Thank you for RUINING this for me, Howard and Howie!!!!!

Frank Dimitri is the second coming of Paul Salos, which means I am immediately in love. Paul Salos is one of my all time favorite acts on this show and a very good friend of mine, so of course Frank is on my radar.

Howie: Better late than never, this is a wonderful moment for AGT.
Mel B: He is so smooth and so sexy. She is in love.
Heidi: He is wonderful, humble and fantastic.
Howard: Great job.

He is off to Vegas!

Join us next time for more AGT! Goodnight!

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