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Saturday March 25, 2017

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Recap For June 25, 2013

Hello and welcome to another week of auditions on NBC's America's Got Talent. Tonight we are back in NYC to see what the city that never sleeps has to offer.

The show opens with the Struck Boyz, who do a hip hop dance. They look like a bunch of Justin Beiber clones with a dash of Baby Jersey Shore. They want to buy hair gel with their prize money. In all seriousness, they are really cute. The dancing is fun and is on par with some of the SYTYCD group routines. I am not sure how I feel about the fake tattoos, but overall, they are fun, cute and a breath of fresh air.

Heidi: They are a breath of fresh air and seven Justin Beibers.
Mel B: The commitment they have is phenomenal.
Howie: They must get all the girls with it.
Howard: They are fun, little stars.

They are off to Vegas.

We get a montage of other acts making it to the next round and then see the KriStef Brothers, who do a hand balancing act. It is a mix of gymnastics, Magic Mike and Cirque du Soliel. I LOVE it!

Heidi: Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm…yes!
Mel B: It was the first time she saw a white guy in their undies in a long time and had her on the edge of her seat in a good way.
Howie: He likes how is it a different twist on a circus act.
Howard: He liked it.

It is off to Vegas for them!

Aneya Marie is a singing mime. I can't even…..she is Xed and sent home.

After some more rejected acts, we get to Irish step dancing meets hip hop  troupe Hammerstep. They are like nothing I have ever seen before. It is raw talent that cannot be touched by any other dance troupe. Nobody has ever attempted something like this before and it is certainly a tough dance act to follow.

Mel B: They are dark, mysterious and she is blown away by them.
Heidi: She wasn't sure at first but thinks it is hardcore.
Howard: They are impossible to ignore.
Howie: He is not an Irish dance fan, but loves the surprises in this!

They are off to Vegas.

More acts make it to Vegas, including a bunch of kiddie acts and then we get to a sibling act that Howard says is like the Partridge Family. They have no clue what he is talking about. Instead of the sweet, innocent music we are expecting, we get a rock and roll screaming act that both Howard and Heidi buzz. Howie is like WTF.

Howard: He likes them but doesn't want her to hurt her voice.
Heidi: She is confused and wants to meet their parents.
Mel B: Scary Spice is scared.
Howie: He loved it.

Howie, Heidi and Howard say yes, so they are off to Vegas.

The Virginia State  University Gospel Chorale performs next. They have nice chemistry and a good camaraderie. I am not usually a gospel fan, but this can really change my mind.

Howie: It was gospel like he never heard before.
Howard: Absolutely spectacular.
Heidi: She loved it and wants to hear more.
Mel B: She wants to join this group!

They are off to Vegas!

Hour two kicks off in Hollywood.  We begin with Chris Antes, who makes a sculpture out of gum. I have no words….it really bothers me when people play with their gum…so yeah….he is sent home.

More rejected acts…..and then we get to Brandon and Savannah, who are a brother and sister music act. They do an original act that is above and beyond for kids their age….I rarely see people in their twenties and thirties with this kind of talent, let alone kids. WOW.

Heidi: LOVED it!
Mel B: She didn't like the song, but was captivated by the performance.
Howard: They belong on this stage.
Howie: He loved it!

They are off to Vegas.

Taylor Williamson is a comedian who was bully.  He discovered that making people laugh was a way to get people to leave him alone. He says he will buy everyone ice cream with his prize money.  He reminds me of Tom Cotter from last season; clean cut humor with a some naughtiness.

Mel B: She loved it!
Howie: Welcome to AGT.
Heidi: She says he is funny in a shy, nerdy way.
Howard: He thinks he is going to do well.

He is off to Vegas.

Jacob Calle dos some weird thing with his stomach and eats a live scorpion and blows bubbles. I swear, I am not making this us.  He is bitten, Xed and sent home. For what it's worth, I hope he is okay.

We have more highly embarrassing acts that are rejected and then we get to Nathan Phan who is in a straight jacket. He falls as he tries to escape and then does a card trick that redeems him and sends him to Vegas.

The last act of the night is a singing group called Forte. They met online and this is their first time singing and working together. I am not expecting much, but this blew me away. It has to be some of the best opera EVER.

Howie: A Hispanic, Asian and New Yorker walk into a bar and make a hit record….they were phenomenal.
Heidi: Wow. What beautiful voices and so unexpected.
Mel B.: She loved it, they were amazing.
Howard: Fantastic singers with an element of surprise.

Join us next week for more America's Got Talent. Goodnight.

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