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Saturday March 25, 2017

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Recap For June 11, 2013

Hello and welcome to America's Got Talent on NBC. Tonight, we are visiting San Antonio and New Orleans to see who has what it takes to headline a show in Vegas.

First up is Travis Pratt from Tipton, Georgia. His girlfriend put him up to this, so he is singing her favorite opera song. He is the second coming of Andrew DeLeon. I loved it from start to finish.

Howie: Was he lip synching or did he really hit those notes. He compares his singing to Jackie Evancho's.
Howard: This is the most outrageous audition he ever saw. He is a freak in a good way.
Heidi: He is a superstar in a good way.
Mel B: Perfection.

His girlfriend comes to the stage to talk about how everyone should hear him sing. Howie says bringing him to share his talent was a smart move.

Then in an America's Got Talent first….he proposes…..and she says yes! Congratulations! Oh, and he is also going to VEGAS!

There  is more love in the air and a montage of people who make it to Vegas.

Ruby and Jonas (from the Untouchables) do their own ballroom act. I like the flips they do in the beginning and the spirit they have. It is nice to see them shine

Mel B: The hip moving was ridiculous. She loves them.
Heidi: They were both amazing.
Howard: They were unbelievable.
Howie: They set the bar.

They are once again off to Vegas.

Two more Untouchables alumni also compete. Howard jokes with them about there being a romantic relationship and then they do a jive. Again, it is nice to see them shine on their own without being part of a large group. It is entertaining, fun and their spirit is just contagious.

Howard: This is why he came to San Antonio.
Mel B: She loves it and says the audience did too.
Heidi: Spot on and super talented.
Howie: He also enjoyed it.

They are also off to Vegas.

The Mariachi Nueveo Estillo group is next. They begin playing, but then break into several dance songs. It is unique, fun and something I would actually go to see if given the chance.

Howard: They made it bigger than mariachi and he loved it.
Heidi: She liked it.
Mel B: She was down with it!
Howie: They completed his mission to get Howard to like mariachi.

They are off to Vegas.  The main guy thanks his wife and family for their support.

There is a gunshot and Howard hides behind Heidi.

Pistol Packing Paula shoots stuff and reluctantly gets Nick to be her volunteer. She puts something in his mouth and whips it.

Howard: It was classic Americana and he liked it.
Mel B: She wanted more.
Howie: It was county fairish.
Heidi: There needs to be more on stage.

She is sent home.

Sword swallower Brad Byers performs next. He has nine double edged swords that he puts in his mouth one by one. The X-Ray machine showing everything is an interesting twist that I have never seen before.

Howard: It was captivating and he wants to see more.
Mel B: It makes her want to throw up.
Howie: It is a yes.
Heidi: She doesn't offer commentary, but gives a yes.


Magician Collins Key gets snacks and needs to borrow a dollar bill. He also enlists Howard's help in reading the serial number and Mel B. holds the snack bad in the air. He lights the bill on fire and makes it disappear. The snack bag is opened and the dollar bill is found inside.

Howard: It was genuine and flawless. He has the goods and charisma.
Heidi: She liked it, wants more and likes that he brings snacks.
Mel B: She thinks he is great.
Howie: He just stepped into his future.

He is off to Vegas.

The second hour kicks off in New Orleans.

Megan Piphus is a ventriloquist who does a Whitney Houston tribute mixed with opera. It is different, but in a weird way makes me smile.

Heidi: They have star quality.
Howard: He is a big, big fan.
Howie: She is amazingly talented. He is a fan.
Mel B: She is what this show is all about.

She is off to Vegas.

Jonathan Allen is a singer who was abandoned by his family for being gay….on his 18th birthday. My heart breaks for him. Howie encourages him to show them what he's got. He sings in Italian and has me speechless. He reminds me of Il Divo, whom I LOVE. He is my pick for the top three, no question. He is deserving of that standing ovation and so much more. I just want to hug him, buy him an ice cream cone and be his best friend. He is so sweet, so talented and just melted my heart.

Howie: The show is his family. Welcome home.
Howard: He has a gift and an emotional connection.
Heidi: She is in love with him….he is amazing.
Mel B: It was a great rendition and and he made her melt.


Alexandria The Great is an escape artist who is also a wife, mom and grandma. She is padlocked underwater and tries to escape. She is struggling and stops moving, scaring everyone…..but then bursts out of the water.

Howie: He makes a Houdini comparison.
Howard: He enjoyed it.
Heidi: She wants to know how it was done.
Mel B: Good show!


JC Starbright has dreams of being the next Lady Gaga. He brings a portable music machine and attempts to sing. The audience likes him, but the judges, not so much. He wants another chance and is sent home.

Nick says this is Justin Beiber in 20 years and dances with him on stage as everyone sings along.


We get to Andrew Ward, who tells a ghost story and is rejected.


Sam Johnson does a handstand way up high in the sky. It freaked me the heck out, but was amazing. I am curious to see what else he can do to expand the act.

Howie: He is nuts!
Heidi: She worries about him getting hurt for the sake of his son.
Howard: He wants more!
Mel B: She liked it!

He is going to Vegas.

The last act of the night is Paul Thomas Mitchell. He is a singer guitarist who is seriously the next Michael Grimm, Chris Rattie and Tim McGraw all rolled into one. I am in LOVE with him. LOVE! Between that flawless performance,  the song he wrote, the soulful voice and his life story…I am in tears. He gets a standing ovation and has everyone, especially Nick, crying.

Heidi: She wants to hug him and says John Mayer better watch out.
Howard: He has star power and he has high hopes for him.
Howie: He has just hit the peak.
Mel B: He touched all of America.

He is off to VEGAS.

Join us next week for more auditions. Goodnight!

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