America's Got Talent
Thursday April 27, 2017

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Hello and welcome to America’s Got Talent on NBC. Tonight is the finals and every act will have to perform their hearts out if they want to win that million dollars. Pitbull puts on an epic opening act to kick off the festivities. 

Act: Sal Valentinetti

Talent: Singing

Sammi: I love how he honors his family. He channels his inner Sinatra while paying homage to the show. I think I may love this guy. Please, if he can’t win, give him something so we can see more of him! 

Heidi: She loves him and thinks he has it all. 

Howie: He is amazing and incredible. He is the epitome of show business and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 

Simon: It ended too quickly for him. It could cause an upset in the competition.

Act: Sofie Dossi 

Talent: Contortionist

Sammi: WOW! I have no clue how she can move like that, but it is incredible. Done to this haunting music makes the performance that much better. She has a future with Cirque du Soleil. Plus, self taught? Impressive.

Mel B: Brilliant and beautiful. 

Heidi: Amazing and mesmerizing.

Simon: She astonishes him every week. Best performance yet!

Howie: She is like Gumby and origami…VOTE!

Act: Linkin Park

Talent: Singing

Sammi: They are the second coming of Boyz II Men. WOW. They are the whole package….talent, looks, determination and incredible story.

Heidi: No matter what, we will see them again.

Simon: He loved it from start to finish.

Howie: Good job and he hopes people vote.

Mel B: They sound more together and she hopes people vote.

Act: Laura Bretan

Talent: Singing

Sammi: I always say, this show makes me fall in love with opera. She is one incredible, powerful singer and has more talent at fourteen than most people ever have.

Simon: She pulled the cat out of the bag tonight.

Howie: Brilliant and perfect.

Mel B: She hit every note with accuracy.

Heidi: Looks like a princess and ruled like a queen. 

Act: The Clairvoyants

Talent: Mentalists

Sammi: Heidi throws a ball into the audience at random.The guy who catches it empties his pockets and she knows he took out his wallet and drivers license. His name is Victor and she guesses he was born on May 12. (correct). They do the same thing with Simon by having him take out his wallet and pass it to Howie. Mel B. then says Howie would be a WannaBean is he were a jellybean to get him back for a previous act they did. Howie is on stage and Amile goes into water. Still holding the wallet, Howie takes out a credit card at random. Amile writes down the expiration date and last four numbers—all correct. I hope this is a fake card or he cancels it after this show. They then bring back a pedant from the last act, which has the word WannaBean in it. WOW. I need to see them live.

Howie: How did they do it?

Mel B: They are scary and mind blowing.

Heidi: She wishes she had a crystal ball to see them in Vegas. They are amazing. (She tries to use Howie’s head as the ball)

Simon: This is going to happen for them.

Act: Brian Justin Crum

Talent: Singing

Sammi: I love this guy and how he has impacted so many people just by being on the show. I am in tears. Holy crap….his rendition of Man In The Mirror….I am speechless….I think we have a winner. Mel B: He owned it and that voice has undeniable power.

Heidi: It was powerful and like he was singing for his life.

Simon: He has an impact on others and a naturally brilliant performer. 

Howie: Epic.

Act: Tape Face

Talent: Mime

My phone rang and I completely missed this. 

Act: Viktor

Talent: Juggling

Sammi: How he keeps taking it to the next level is beyond me. All the stuff he adds, all the drama…everything is nothing short of incredible. 

Simon: Everything is immaculate.

Howie: Absolutely beautiful.

Mel B: We saw a bit of everything tonight.

Heidi: Another stellar performance.

Act: Jon Dorenbos

Talent: Magic

Sammi: He has the judges sign cards (actually Simon must write down the most important person in his life) to and talks about taking hate out of our lives. Each card signed by a judge represents something in his message. He also finds Simon’s card, which reads ‘Eric,’ who is Simon’s son. He talks to him about magic and making Eric an important part of his life by saying he loves him every day. It was inspirational and incredible.

Howie: He is a star and he hopes people live by his words.

Mel B: He is brilliant.

Heidi: She loved it.

Simon: He thinks we have a winner. 

I missed the last act, but tune in tomorrow for the finale.

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