America's Got Talent
Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello and welcome to America’s Got Talent on NBC. We are in part one of the semi-finals, which will determine who will make it into the finals in a few short weeks. Let’s get started!

Act: Sal Valentinetti

Talent: Singing

Sammi: He definitely has a good voice and I can’t help but love a fellow NY Italian. Win or lose, this guy is going places. I also think I am in love! Damn, boy!

Mel B: It was a great way to open up the show. However, he seems to be holding back.

Heidi: This is how he likes him best.

Simon: This is why he loves him—because he is here to win.

Howie: What Simon said.

Act: Blake Vogt

Talent: Magic

Sammi: He promises to take his magic to the next level and boy, does he deliver. He actually makes himself disappear while stripping and then becomes a superhero! He also flies to the next balcony with sparks going off. It was quite interesting.

Heidi: She knows he wanted to do a bigger, but for her it didn’t work. 

Simon: This was a life changing performance.

Howie: This was his best performance.

Mel B: She is completely bewildered. 

Act: Edgar

Talent: Singing

Sammi: They sing Bless The Broken Road, which is a song that always makes me cry. This version is quite interesting since it is a family singing together. Usually it is a wedding song, but it works for them. 

Simon: They are the most improved act of the season.

Mel B: They really stepped it up tonight.

Howie: He is thrilled to be a part of this beautiful journey.

Act: Lori Mae Hernandez

Talent: Comedy

Sammi: Did she seriously zing Ryan Lochte? I love how she jokes about there being two Lori (Laurie) Hernandezes and how their lives are different. The Barbie jokes crack me up, as do her wanting to borrow Heidi’s clothes. The best is comparing Monster High dolls to Miley Cyrus and zinging the judges and Nick Cannon. WOW.

Howie: She is adorable and a star.

Heidi: She compares her to a seasoned comedian.

Simon: This is her best performance yet.

Mel B: They all just got served!

Act: Musicality

Talent: Singing

Sammi: This has such an incredible story of coming together. They are all so different, but somehow come together to make beautiful music. They do a beautiful rendition of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way that brings me to tears. The song is quite filling for their story and I love it. 

Mel B: It seemed like a well rehearsed school performance.

Heidi: She has a connection with them when they sing.

Simon: They’ve come a long way since their first day. He will feel better if they are back in two weeks.

Howie: Inspirational.

Act: Deadly Games

Talent: Danger

Sammi: WOW….is all I can say.Between Tainted Love, the knife throwing and the paso doble feel, I don’t even know where to begin—it rendered me speechless! 

Heidi: She cannot imagine the finale without them.

Simon: He loved it!

Howie: It was everything.

Mel B: They came to slay and did the best act of the night.

Act: Tape Face

Talent: Miming/Variety

Sammi: I don’t even know what to make of all of this. It is so odd, but I cannot stop watching. I am once again left speechless.

Simon: He, like Mel B, can be stupid and interesting at the same time….which leads to a judge showdown.

Howie: Intriguing and amazing.

Act: Jon Dorenbos

Talent: Magic

Sammi: He has a journal, a map and a box from his grandparents. He talks too fast for me to figure out what is happening, but it somehow involves throwing and stabbing states on a map. Seeing Simon throw a football is hilarious. He chooses Alaska, (49) Heidi gets Wyoming,  (44) Mel B. gets Texas (28) and Howie gets Oklahoma (6). It adds up to 167. Howie opens the box, which has $1.11. Then the judges flip over the quarters, each of which have the states chosen by the judges. Mel B. opens the journal, which has a map that has the states the judges chosen marked.  I want to see him live!!

Howie: He is amazed.

Mel B: She is speechless.

Heidi: His best touchdown yet.

Simon: This is the most incredible thing he has ever seen.

Act: Grace 

Talent: Singing

Sammi: She seems so nervous tonight and sounds like she has a sore throat. Her guitar playing is incredible though. I love hearing the audience encourage her and cheer her on, so cute and sweet!

Mel B: She gushes over how much she loves her.

Heidi: She thinks she will be one of the last two standing.

Simon: She sings for a whole new generation.

Howie: The world now knows her name and talent. 

Act: Malevo

Talent: Dance

Sammi: They are on fire, and not because of those special effects. Those moves, the drums, the overall hotness…WOW, where can I sign up to see them live? A wonderful Hispanic Rieverdance.

Heidi: Hot as always and well done.

Mel B: Off the chain!

Simon: They could not have done any more to prove they were in it to win it.

Howie: People need to vote for them.

Act: Laura Breton

Talent: Opera

Sammi: What a perfect way to end the evening. I am not an opera fan, but every season this show changes my mind and tonight is no exception, she is just that good. WOW. 

Simon: He loved it.

Heidi: She took her breath away.

Mel B: Her vocal ability is outstanding.

Howie: It was an OMG night. 

Tune in tomorrow for the results! Goodnight!

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