America's Got Talent
Wednesday May 24, 2017

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Hello and welcome to America’s Got Talent on NBC. We are back after a two week hiatus and the talent is hotter than ever.

Act: Vello

Talent: Contortionist

Sammi: I am totally loving this pirate theme. I think that, along with the special effects are what truly make the act stand out and make people pay attention. Simon buzzes him, but I have no idea why, this is great…and painful! I can’t imagine twisting my body like that!

Simon: It wasn’t really anything had he not had the ship.

Howie: He loves what he does….whatever it is.

Mel B: It is nuts, but she likes it.

Heidi: It is bizarre, but she enjoyed it.

Act: Kaden Bart Rockett

Talent: Magician

Sammi: This trick involves handcuffs, band aids and a PB&J. Kaden is wearing the handcuffs and his sister Brooklyn is helping. It seems like the typical escape act with swords and other danger, but as the sword comes near him, he disappears and lands on the judge’s table. He then eats the sandwich. 

Heidi: They were very good and hopes they share the prize if they win.

Simon: He is flustered and thinks he is a real live Harry Potter. 

Howie: He hopes people vote for him.

Mel B: She loved it.

Act: Linkin Bridge

Talent: Singing

Sammi: They sound like Boyz II Men. I am not sure this is the right song with them, but they certainly have the talent and potential to do well.

Simon: He isn’t sure about the song choice, but thinks people should vote for him.

Howie: They are beautiful.

Mel B: She loves their harmonies.

Act: Alla and Daniel

Talent: Dance

Sammi: I am a bit surprised they get buzzed by Howie, but they are a fun, cute act. The energy is up there and they seem to be having fun.

Howie: He likes them, but it is the same thing every time.

Mel B: They danced their hearts and souls out.

Heidi: They should be proud.

Simon: He wants Daniel to fire his mom and go forward without her.

Act: Blake Vogt

Talent: Magician

Sammi: This trick involves card and birds. He has someone name a bird and has the judges name cards. Howie opens the empty card box, while Simon ends up with a blue jay egg, with the card Heidi named inside. He then releases a sign with blue jay written on it and blue feathers. He is allergic, so he had to improvise.

Mel B: She loved it.

Heidi: He always delivers.

Simon: He has no clue what happened.

Howie: It was a wonderful.

Act: Edgar

Talent: Singing

Sammi: That was amazing. They are the best singing group of the season, bar none. There is not only such incredible talent, but a love that is something most people only dream of.

Heidi: Their best performance yet! A family that sings together, wins together.

Simon: This is his bottle of happiness.

Howie: He loved them.

Mel B:  Spot on! 

Act: Julia Scotti

Talent: Comedian

Sammi: She is feisty! I love her take on being single because it is all so true! (Well, except for the prison part!) I just want to be her best friend and have a drink with her. 

Simon: He loves her and thinks she is naughty/borderline inappropriate.

Howie: He also loves her and that she always owns it.

Mel B: She is rooting for her.

Act: Brian Justin Crum

Talent: Singing

Sammi: My jaw literally cannot get off the ground. I have goosebumps and am in awe by him. I love him and know he is on his way to doing amazing things.

Simon: He is getting better and better with each performance. He is an amazing artist.

Heidi: Best performance of the night.

Mel B: He gets hotter and hotter.

Howie: EPIC

Act: Malevo

Talent: Music 

Sammi: Music, fire, dance. In short, absolutely incredible and something I would actually pay to see. LOVE them.

Mel B: She screams in delight.

Heidi: Sizzling hot and she can see them in Vegas.

Simon: Outstanding and comparable to Riverdance. He sees them in Vegas. (Everyone hugs him)

Act: Passing Zone

Talent: Juggling

Sammi: It has a space theme and they are juggling the judges. I don’t know…..

Simon: It was weird and wants to see more.

Act: Grace Vanderwall

Talent: Singing

Sammi: I love how she wrote the song for her sister. She seemed very nervous tonight, but she seemed the most real out of everyone on the show tonight. 

Simon: Her nervousness is what made her so perfect and she is going to be remembered.

Heidi: She is one in a million.

Mel B: She is cute as a button and memorable.

Howie: She is a super star!

Tune in for the results tomorrow. Goodnight!

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