America's Got Talent
Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello and welcome to America’s Got Talent on NBC. We have twelve more acts competing in the quarter finals. If last week is any indication, they will have to really bring their A-games if they want to move to the next round.

Act: Flip

Talent: Dance

Sammi: They were cute, but it was nothing we haven’t seen before a million times over. I love their style and attitude though. Classy and sassy!

Howie: They deserve a career, but they looked more like backup dancers.

Mel B: Great look and choreography, but she wants more.

Heidi: She loved it and all the elements they added from different genres of dance.

Simon: It was like having dinner with Mel B…which leads to them fighting.

Act: Moya Angela

Talent: Singing

Sammi: She reminds me of Whitney Houston, Jennifer Hudson, Diana Ross and Aretha Franklin all in one. There is no way she isn’t getting a recording contract out of this when the show is over. 

Mel B: She is amazing, but a bit off tonight. 

Heidi: She likes her.

Simon: It was a bit polite, but he adores her.

Howie: Why isn’t he a star?

Act: Viktor

Talent: Variety

Sammi: I usually find juggling boring, but I simply cannot take my eyes off of him. Between the act and his near nakedness—it is incredible.

Heidi: She likes what he does with his balls.

Simon: He made him change his mind about juggling.

Howie: He is more than a juggler—he is a dancer and his favorite variety act. 

Mel B: She loves him. 

Act: Kadie Lynn

Talent: Singing

Sammi: WOW. She is the cutest little country singer in the world. I am not a huge fan of this genre, but I love HER. She is more mature and wise beyond her years.

Simon: Made in the USA and amazing. 

Howie: She is an amazing 12-year-old.

Mel B: She enjoyed it but wants more.

Heidi: She also enjoyed it.

My DVR cut out during that danger act….will try to find on youtube. 

Act: Calysta Bevier

Talent: Singing

Sammi: She is passionate, powerful and very clean sounding. It is like she is in a class over her own. I can see her on Broadway or on Disney. I also love how classy she is dressed…very cute and age appropriate.

Simon: She is very special and an inspiration. He is so proud of her.

Howie: There is a message here and so much more than we are seeing. Flawless.

Mel B: She owned it from start to finish.

Heidi: She is angelic and we all felt the performance. 

Act: Sofie Dossi

Talent: Contortionist

Sammi: WOW, I don’t know how she does it, but it is like watching a magic, Cirque du Soleil act and pyro show all in one. Damn, girl! 

Heidi: She loved it!

Simon: She is incredible.

Howie: He loves her and he was scared watching her.

Mel B: Amazing!

Act: The Clairvoyants

Talent: Magic

Sammi: They do a psychic act with jelly beans that literally gets in people’s heads. I need to see them in person…..holy crap.

Simon: This creeped him out.

Howie: Amazing and scary.

Mel B: She is terrified in a good way.

Heidi: She also enjoyed it.

Act: Sal The Voice

Talent: Singing

Sammi: LOVE him! He is such a feel good act. He even makes One Direction sound like a Sinatra hit and I am floored by how good it was. WOW.

Heidi: She LOVED her golden boy.

Simon: He played to the crowd and rose.

Howie: He needs to stick to the standards, although he liked it. 

Act: Throwings

Talent: Danger

Sammi: WOW. I didn’t know where to look….or if I should look because it was so scary. I was gripping my chair like there was no tomorrow…but it was SO good. I give hr props for trying an act that nearly killed her.

Mel B: Thrilling, exciting and she loved it.

Heidi: Fantastic and breathtaking. 

Simon: He isn’t sure if it would go to the semifinals.

Howie: People have to vote.

Act: Steven Brundage

Talent; Magic

Sammi: His act is the Rubiks cube act that was eliminated and brought back as a wild card. He has a huge one this time and has Heidi and Mel B. pick a color and he must guess it…and then match a Rubiks cube with Howie and Simon. 

The judges are all talking at once, but they all love him.

Act: Sos and Victoria

Talent: Magic

Sammi: They are fun and the outfits are wild, but there was something that was off about it tonight. I wasn’t feeling it.

Simon: They were annoying.

Heidi: She enjoyed it and wants to see them again.

Mel B: Why wasn’t she smiling? But she liked it.

Howie: Not their best work.

Join us tomorrow for the results sh

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