America's Got Talent
Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello and welcome to America’s Got Talent on NBC. Tonight we have the final 20 acts performing for the judges cuts round. Seven will make it through, one of which will be chosen by Louis from One Direction’s golden buzzer.

First up is Annie and Andre, who are married acrobatics. She got hurt with a previous partner, so acts like this are a very big deal and could cause damage if not done properly. Watching her, you would never even guess that she was in an accident. They are incredible and scary to watch all at the same time. 

Next up is Brian, who is a young man adopted by a gay couple. He talks about his mom and how he is actually grateful she gave him up because he ended up with a great life. He’s got such a deep, rich voice that reminds me of Luther Vandroos and Landau Eugene Murphy. Win or lose, he will end up getting something out of this! 

After a montage of dancers we get to Outlawz, who are quite interesting and really bring it up a notch when they add the special effects. I’d totally go pay to see this! 

Another montage and then we get to Jayna Brown who is fourteen and trying to win so she can help her mom out. They are homeless and currently living with friends and family. She sounds like a baby Whitney Houston….WOW. Talent like this doesn’t come every day. I see a recording contract in her future. The judges are in LOVE and the audience can’t stop cheering. Louis USES HIS GOLDEN BUZZER!!! She is in the live shows!!!! She gets a hug from Louis and I honestly can’t tell which event made her happier! Her mom is over the moon and we are all in tears. I love Louis and One Direction for all they did for my niece and her Make A Wish, but this took my love to a whole new level. 

John Hetlinger the rocker that is 82 years young, takes it to a whole new level with another metal performance that Heidi buzzes. Hey, if I am 82, I’d want to be like this guy. 

Nathan the six year old comedian is up next. He compliments Louis and One Direction before going into a Santa and lying parents routine. I don’t think there is any way he could get any cuter. Simon thinks the two of them can take over the world.

Viktor Kee is a juggler who lost his brother right after the auditions. He wasn’t sure if he was able to go on, but his mom convinced him to do it and said his brother is with him. I don’t even know what to say….he is so good and so amazing. I am with Louis, I was captivated from start to finish.

Victoria and Sos are a quick change act that I remember from their initial audition. I loved how they were so clever and creative. They step it up with pyro effects, but Simon doesn’t think it was enough. Louis quips they need to show his girlfriend how to get ready that quick.

After a montage of rejects, we get to Musicality, which is a singing troupe. One of the guys had a sister who was murdered and left behind a dumpster and it completely breaks my heart. Their rendition of Skyscraper is incredible and I’d be shocked if they didn’t make it through. 

We see a few more acts before we get to DJ the comedian, who the judges seem to like. He reminds me of Taylor from a few seasons ago. 

The Clairvoyants are up next and do an act with money and dice. I can’t even explain what is going on because it is just so mind blowing. 



Sos and Victoria

The Clairvoyants

Annie and Andre


Viktor Kee


Awww, the little boy Nathan is so cute and I love his bond with Simon. He is the classiest kiddo ever! LOVE HIM!!! 

Join us next time for the live shows! Goodnight!

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