America's Got Talent
Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello and welcome to America’s Got Talent on NBC. Tonight twenty more acts will perform for a chance to make it to the next round. Only seven will move on, so the heat is on. Reba McEntire is a guest judge with the power of the golden buzzer that sends one act to the live shows.

Kadie Lynn is up first. She loves Reba, so it makes her nervous. She has a beautiful voice, but the best part is seeing the look of pure joy on her face and the look of pride on Reba’s. The judges love her and Simon promises to fight for her to go to the next round.

Vello Vaher does a contortionist act that leaves me in pain just watching it….I honestly don’t know how to react to this….it is crazy. Heidi and Simon pretty much had the same reaction I did….they just don’t know what to think.

We see more acts, including a young female rapper, an act that gets buzzed by Simon and a male ballet/contemporary dancer. 

We then get to a young girl named Sofie who is probably one of the most amazing contortionists in the world. If I thought the guy before her was good, she brings it to a whole new level. WOW. I wonder how these people do it. I am in decent shape, but no way can I bend and twist like that. Reba loves her so much that she gives her the golden buzzer to the live shows. 

Moya Angela is a former Broadway singer who recently lost her grandma. Her performance is beautiful, but Simon wishes she would have taken more of a risk. I kind of agree, but with a voice like that, how can you not love her?

After a montage of acts, we get to Kadan the magician who sawed his sister in half for his initial audition. He kind of reminds me of the kid who plays Spencer on General Hospital.  He puts on a disguise and pulls a bunch of girls out of a suitcase. They do a dance routine that ends with the girls taking off his costume and turning into his sister and then ending up next to the judges…what the….WOW. If I were a judge, this would get my golden buzzer. I agree with Simon, he is a little Harry Potter. 

Adam Grabowski messes up his act and gets buzzed by Simon. He gets even more nervous and just keeps making it worse by comparing dessert and cheating. 

Julia Scotti talks about being transgender before her act. She was actually a comedian before she transitioned, but never felt comfortable. Now she is back after eleven years. The act is incredible and has me laughing from start to finish. 

After we discover the high school choir couple went to prom but didn’t kiss, RL Bell, the singing bodybuilder massage therapist dude performs. He sings Let’s Get It On and does some Magic Mike moves. 

After a singing magic act, we get to Steven the Rubik’s Cube genius. I love this act because it is so different and so fun to watch him mix it up with cards and tossing it around. I also love how this helped him cope with bullying. I know first hand how hard bullying is to deal with, so I am glad he found an outlet to help him cope. 

The Amazing Sladek is up next. He is dressed as a clown and he brought his brother with him. It is a danger act, but there is more comedy than anything else, especially when they strip down to lingerie. All righty then! Heidi throws water at Simon once he blames her for this act. 

Deadly Games is a knife throwing act that leaves me scared to death. I can’t even watch, especially knowing the wheel they used fell during rehearsal. He wants to do it blindfolded next? WOW. I don’t know how to respond to that.

Results! The acts who make it through:


Julia Scotti 

Kadan Bart Rockett

Deadly Games




I have to say, Kadie hugging Skylar after she is sent home was very classy, as was Simon comforting and high fiving her. 

Join us next week for more AGT. Goodnight.

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