America's Got Talent
Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello and welcome to America’s Got Talent on NBC. Tonight is the first night of judges’ cuts. Twenty acts will perform, while seven will move on to the next round. Ne-Yo guest judges and has a golden buzzer to send one act straight to the live shows.

Hara the Illusionist is up first. He reminds me of a cross between Hiro from Heroes and Houdini. I need to get more money in my life so I can see him in person. I can’t even describe the act, but will tell you that you need to look this up RIGHT NOW and watch for yourself. WOW.

Philippe and Marie-Lee do a sexy dance that would probably make Maks Chmerkovskiy blush. It is hard to believe they aren’t a couple anymore because the chemistry is insane.

Edgar performs next. I didn’t know the girls in the group were mother and daughter, I thought they were sisters. I also think it is sweet that he adopted the daughter and the became one happy family. Their rendition of Let It Be is very different, yet still is respectful of the original. 

Christopher does his Village people act with four life sized puppets and I actually really like it. There is something so different and hilarious about it…especially when Simon is dressed as Uncle Sam. 

Brennley Brown sings for us and then we get to Lori Mae Hernandez, who is a comedian that hits on Disney, Caitlyn Jenner and being a tween. She is hysterical. Love her.

After am montage, we get to Duo Guerreo, who do a dangerous tightrope act that leaves me on the edge of my seat and biting my nails in fear. I am literally watching with my eyes covered, peeking between my fingers. WOW. That was incredible. 

Philadelphia Eagle Jon Dorenbos does a magic act. We find out that his aunt adopted him and his sister after his mom died and his dad went to jail for her murder. The story, but especially the love his aunt and him have for each other makes me cry. The act deals with cards….and a picture he drew that actually moves to show the card Ne-Yo chose. I love it. Simon calls him a wizard. Ne-Yo sends him to the live shows!!! All right! 

The Passing Zone do a danger magic act with Howie and Mel B. that ends with Howie in water. He is not amused. 

Ronee Martin sings in a way that would make all the great divas proud. She is getting some kind of contract after this is all over, mark my words! 

We get a balancing act that blows everyone out of the water because it is so dangerous and then Linkin’ Bridge performs. They remind me of Boyz II Men. Talented, sexy and passionate about their work. 

Acts Going Through:

Jon Dorenbos

Ronee Martin (I have to say Brennley was genuinely happy for her even through her heart was breaking, what a class act!)

Jon and Owen

Lori Mae Hernandez



Linkin Park 

Join us tomorrow for more AGT. Goodnight!

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