America's Got Talent
Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello and welcome to America’s Got Talent on NBC. Tonight we see more auditions from people who want to be the next big thing in Vegas.

After a montage of people, we get to Cody the Twirler. He does a fairly impressive baton twirling and juggling act that brings a smile to my face. The judges are in love and send him to the next round. 

We then have a bunch of people singing All About That Bass, including two guys that beat box it and put their own robotic spin on it. It is interesting to say the last. They make it to the next round. 

After a bunch of dance groups, we get to one that has a mix of breakdancing, Magic Mike moves and hip hop. Heidi is not impressed, but the others put him through.

Daniel Joyner sings Try A Little Tenderness. He reminds me of the dude from Twilight that played Edward with the voice of an angel. The judges offer him advice on how to bring the performance to the next level during the next round. 

John Bernhardt does some odd music robot act that gets buzzed  by Heidi almost immediately, even though it has Simon and Howie laughing hysterically.  He is sent to the next round. 

We then see a beautiful dancing act that has me enchanted from start to finish. I have never seen anything so beautiful. They are onto the next round. 

After a Celine Dion-esque diva makes it to the next round, we get to an act that involves Howie and him using his ankles to lift one guy’s body. It is weird, but they make it to the next round. 

Steven does a Rubix Cube magic trick act. It involves him and Simon matching their cubes exactly. He shows that there is no way this was planned or done before. It is quite mind blowing. They are on to the next round. 

We get another montage, including a guy who does stand up about Disney. I think I want to marry this dude. 

RL Bell is a singing massage therapist. He is like Luther, Lionel and Stevie all mixed into one. WOW. He is onto the next round. 

The last act of the night is former dancer, grocery worker and senior center worker Dorothy, who is 90 years young. Nick walks her on the stage and she greets them with a big Aloha! (She is from Hawaii) It is nothing we have ever seen on the show before, but it is hilarious. Everyone loves her, especially Nick….so much that he gives her the Golden Buzzer to the live shows! 

Join us next week for more AGT! Goodnight!

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