America's Got Talent
Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to America’s Got Talent on NBC. We have all new auditions tonight with talent being stronger than ever. 

Eighteen year old Ryan is up first. He is homeschooled and with his sense of humor, I expect a comedy act, but he sings instead. However, it is a comedic song about his life. I love it and so do the ladies in the audience. He moves to the next round.

After a montage of magic acts, we get to eight year old twins who cannot possibly get any more adorable. They make it seem like she is going to turn into a princess, but he saws her in half. It is so good….she actually looks like she is in two pieces. They are onto the next round. 

Next up is a man named Patrick who suffers from OCD. His dog Ginger helps him with it and it breaks my heart to see him get to emotional. The act is a bunch of tricks that has Ginger on a scooter, dancing and balancing. He radiates and she is awesome. They are on to the next round. 

After we see a choir group go to the next round, we get to the Smiths, who are a married singing couple. They have such soul, such charisma and make me smile from start to finish. They make it to the next round.

After a bunch of clown acts, we get to another married couple, this time doing a danger act. She got hurt doing this very act once before, but is determined to keep on going. They are incredible and make it to the next round. This is an act I would pay to see. It is a great mix of aerial and danger. 

We get to more danger acts,one of which scares the crap out of me because it involves sword swallowing and a car. I didn’t even stick around for that one, but he made it through.

More acts,and then we get to a 14 year old contortionist. I have never seen anything like this and my body hurts just looking at this. 

We then get a guy dressed as an Indian who wanted to be in a band, but never found a group, so he made his own out of dolls and became a new version of the Village People. I actually really love this one and would pay to see it. Four yeses!

Brian talks about being bullied and how me moved in with his aunt and uncle to get a fresh start and pursue his singing. He proves that he is the only one who can actually do a Queen song in a competition like this. Four yeses.

More next week! Stay tuned!

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