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Saturday March 25, 2017

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Recap For July 17, 2013

Hello and welcome to part two of Vegas Week of NBC's America's Got Talent. Tonight, our acts have one last chance to impress the judges if they want to be sent to NYC for the live shows.

Since we only get little snippet of acts, I am just going to give commentary as a whole for each category.

The kid acts are cute, but I am unsure about some of the song choices. Ciana is my favorite out of them, however, I really hope that if any of these acts go through, they choose more age appropriate songs.

The magic acts were nothing we haven't seen before…until we get to Collins Key. He took an empty envelope, sealed it, had Heidi sign and sit on it, took Howie's book, put a card in it, had Mel B. choose a page and  Heidi choose a word. The page ends up in the envelope with the chosen word written on it….this is something I would go to see. I am not taking anything away from the others, but this one captivated me the most.

Leon and Romy point out a mistake in Ariann's act, where she tried to make it look like a body went through hers. I know they were asked, but I don't like people being thrown under the bus.

The variety acts include Special Head and Megan, who confuses Heidi and breaks down backstage.

Lil' Mike and Funny Bone fail to impress and are sent home right away.

{sidebar id=8}The night ends with more singers. I usually don't get too attached to singers on this show since we already have so many singing competition shows, but Jonathan Allen won me over. I am in tears listening to him…he is seriously the second coming of Andrew DeLeon. I know Andrew didn't win, but he captivated a nation, just like I know Jonathan will.

Collins Key
Leon and Romy
Special Head
American Hitmen
KriStef Brothers
Timber Brown
Marty Brown
Dave Fenley
Aralyn and Izzy
Red Panda
Deanna DellaCioppa
Ruby and Jonas
Amanda and D'Angelo
Jonathan Allen


The rest will be announced as soon as I know who they are.

Join us next week for the America's Got Talent LIVE shows. Goodnight!

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