America's Got Talent
Thursday April 27, 2017

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Hello and welcome to America’s Got Talent on NBC. This is night three of auditions and if the past two weeks are any indication, these acts are going to have to step it up if they want to win it all.

Good Girl is up first with their rendition of Don’t Let Go. The song basically hits home for me these days, so it is that much more emotional. These girls are incredible and I agree, they need more bands like this because there is a lack of girl bands out there these days. They are the perfect combination of 90s throwback and modern music. Four yeses.

John Rothman is a choreographer who dances with several other ladies. They are all in their seventies, but dance better than people half their age. They are adorable, but Howie doesn’t think they are right for the show. The other three judges say yes.

Diane Bernard is a hula hooper that fails to impress, but gets everyone else to try her act. NO yeses. 

Next up is Russian Bar Trio, who actually competed and made it to the live shows eight years ago. However, the girl got hurt and they had to pull out of the competition. Now they are back and ready to compete once more.  They are once again incredible and proved they are in it to win it. Four yeses.

Kaydie Lind is a twelve year old with the talent of Celine, Whitney and Diana combined. Simon is right, this is the day we discovered a true talent. Her voice literally gave me chills. Four yeses.

Daredevil act Duo Guoerro take us outside for their tightrope act. This kind of act left his brother in a wheelchair, so it scares me even more. However, they manage to pull it off, leaving us all scared, breathless and completely in awe. Four yeses

One Voice is a high school a cappella group that puts High School Musical to shame. They are incredible, but the sweetest moment is when one of the guys finally gets the courage to ask out his crush, The Office style. She says yes and so do all four judges!

We get a montage of performances and then get to a thirteen year old comedian named Lori Mae Hernandez who started writing and doing comedy  because her father has Bell’s Palsy. What an incredible kid with great talent. Funny, yet age appropriate. Four yeses. 

Victor the Juggler somehow makes the act look….sexy? I don’t know, but I am completely mesmerized by him and the act. Four yeses

The last act is Sal Valentinetti. He is a NY Italian man who sounds like he is literally the second coming of Frank Sinatra. Holy crap, I am blown away. Between this and his love for his family, I hope he wins it all. YES, YES, GOLDEN BUZZER!!! YES!!!! 

Join us for more next week! Goodnight!

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