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Wednesday March 29, 2017

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Recap For July 16, 2013

Hello and welcome to America's Got Talent on NBC. This is VEGAS Week, where our final acts will be chosen to perform in the live shows. There are three groups: Ones who make it through, ones sent home and ones who need another audition. This is no easy task for the judges.

Angela Hoover, Anna Christine and Brendan James are among the groups who made it right through to the live rounds. I wish they would announce the names better so we knew who was through.

Some acts are rejected, which is heartbreaking. Again, it is hard to tell who it is because names aren't really being used.

The danger acts are first to try for another chance for Radio City.

David Ferman is doing a unicycle juggling act with stun guns. Bloody heck, this is scary.

Brad Byers is putting out a burning hook with his mouth.

Alexandr Magala does a pole swing sword swallowing routine.

All these acts have me on the edge of my seat.

Sam Johnson pours gasoline on a hat, sets it on fire and then pours it on himself, puts on the hat and walks a tightrope while juggling. He burns himself and messes up, but the judges think it is as good as it gets.

We see several more danger acts, one as good as the one before. I am in awe. One young lady messes up and seeing her break down breaks my heart.

The music acts perform next.

Forte has a new member, but they sound incredible. Opera seems to be a new AGT craze and I LOVE it. American Hitman is still great and heartwarming, but would have been better with a different song.

For the kid acts,  we hear from Brandon and Savannah, as well 2Unique, Lil' Demon, Ruby and Jonas and Amanda and D'Angelo. Ruby and Jonas have a bit of trouble, causing her to cry and Mel B. to hug her. She melted my heart with her kind words.

The comedians perform next. It was hard to judge without seeing any reactions, but most of them make me laugh. Jimmy, however, seemed very nervous. i wanted to hug him and tell him to relax!

The dancers are next, followed by the acrobatic type acts.  I am completely impressed with all of them. Of course, some are better than others, but since there is no way I can do any of that, I am mesmerized by them!

{sidebar id=8}Deanna returns during the female singer round. She has trouble hearing the track, which throws her off. Luckily, she is given a second chance, because she really has such a strong, beautiful voice. I know the other judges didn't like it, but I am with Howard on this one, I loved it.

Skylir Hicks, Selena McKenzie Gordon and Cami Bradley also perform. They are making it really tough to decide who will make it through.  

Join us tomorrow for the second night of Vegas week on America's Got Talent. Goodnight.

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