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Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Paul Zerdin is the newest America’s Got Talent winner and already he plans on taking the world—or at least Vegas—by storm. I know I am already saving my pennies to be able to see him when I am in Vegas next year.

So who inspires Zerdin as a ventriloquist? That is easy—the puppets who taught us our ABCs and 1,2,3s! He recently spoke about how the iconic show Sesame Street influenced him, as well as Jim Henson.

Q: you reportedly began playing with puppets when you were a child and you were given a little puppet stage as a gift. What was it about ventriloquism and puppets that spoke to you at such a young age when you received that gift?

Paul Zerdin: I think the biggest influence was watching Sesame Street as a kid. And those moments -- those classic moments -- which everyone will remember where you had Kermit sitting on a wall talking to a kid and learning - teaching the kid to count.

Or watching the Count himself, you know, teaching the audience how to count. Or there’s Grover or Cookie Monster and just talking to kids and just having fun. Those moments were for me absolute magic.

And I just remember being totally captivated and falling in love with these fuzzy little monsters. And knowing that someday I just -- in the back of my head -- I just knew that I wanted to do something that was connected with all that.

So I would say the work of Sesame Street and Jim Henson was my, you know, sort of total inspiration.

Can we get this man to guest star on Sesame Street—or The Muppets? He would be amazing! 

Be sure to keep checking back for more news on Paul Zerdin’s inspirational and blossoming career.

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